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How to Accomplish More When You're Out of the Office

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Traveling for work involves a lot of downtime and waiting around. From hours spent in airport lounges to lag time between meetings, a sense that you'd be more productive back in the office is fairly common, and it's also an accurate assessment. The good news is that with a little planning and access to some first-rate office services, you can turn those travel hours into some of your most productive of the entire week.

3 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs 21st-Century Document Solutions

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Your small business may not use up a lot of paper (yet), but there are quite a few advantages to beginning as you mean to go on. In the case of digital document solutions, starting when you're small is the key to a future of streamlined processes, lower costs, and an increased ability to compete in a digital economy.

Let's take a look at how paperless document management solutions can benefit your small business, both today and in the future.

7 Questions to Ask a Potential Managed Print Provider

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Not everyone who provides managed print services is up to the task. Finding out who can handle the job takes some research and a well-thought-out list of questions to ask a potential managed print provider.

What You Should Ask

Our ongoing partnership with Print Audit means we know what we're talking about during a conversation about managed print services. Here's what we suggest to find out if a potential managed print provider can add real value to your business throughout the lifetime of the partnership.

Let Your Office Equipment Help You Cut Printing Costs

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With the average knowledge worker cranking out 12,000 documents per year, it's little wonder that printing costs fall just behind rent and employee salaries for many organizations. The good news is that there are effective ways to reduce printing costs, and most of them deliver other benefits into the bargain.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Next-Level Office Services


Are your daily business processes as efficient as they could be? Outsourcing to office services like Managed Print, Cloud Services, and Workflow Optimization can deliver tremendous savings in every department of your organization. Here's what you can expect from BASE Technology's next-level office services.

Discover New Efficiencies with Our Document Management Solutions

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In the not-too-distant past, the traditional filing cabinet or banker's box was the only solution for managing and storing documents. Thankfully, that's no longer the case, and document solutions that eliminate bulky storage requirements are now readily available.

If you're ready to save money and time with digital document solutions, read on to discover the industry's most talked-about advantages.

Close Your Mobile Print Gap with Print Audit Managed Print Software

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The widespread adoption of mobile devices in nearly every industry has companies scrambling to reduce security risks. In fact, business leaders have discovered that employees will deploy workarounds to print when company-approved solutions are not readily available.

Here's how Print Audit Managed Print Solutions can help your company embrace the power of mobility without compromising security.

Do You Need a Multifunction System?

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If your company is in need of new office equipment this year, you may be facing a long list of decisions. Do you need a laser printer? Do you need a dedicated scanner, or will a multifunction copier serve your workgroup better?

Top Benefits of Five Popular Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Finding the right combination of office services for your company's unique needs is a challenge. Cloud services from BASE Technologies provide some unique advantages, including:

Is Your SMB Ready for a Catastrophic Event?

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Data loss is nothing new, but recent natural disasters and high-profile security breaches have emphasized the need for a data backup and disaster recovery plan. With robust document management solutions in place, your SMB will have a fighting chance of survival, even if the worst happens.

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