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Document Solutions: Streamlining Distribution

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When it comes to distributing products, many companies feel like they don't want to interrupt something that's working well enough--which means they miss opportunities to streamline, strengthen, and improve the process. Today we'll see what document solutions can do for distribution, and why this is one change you'll definitely want to make.

Managed Print: Understanding a Print Audit

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If you've done any research on managed print, then you've probably heard of a "print audit"--but do you know exactly what they are and why they're a great thing for your business? Let's take a closer look!

Buying vs Leasing Office Equipment

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The choice whether to buy or lease office equipment can be a big one. There are pros and cons for each choice, and the size of your company may dictate the best answer for your business.

Understanding Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

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With so many services offered to modern businesses, it's easy to get confused or assume that services are the same. This is often the case with cloud-based services, as the differences between them can be subtle. Understanding the difference between cloud backup and storage is vital before you sign up for either or both services.

How to Improve HR Policies and Procedures


The policies and procedures that your HR department use are an important part of running the business. The best way to improve them is often to have a better way to manage all of the documents that are so often used by the department.

2019 Benefits of Managed Print Services from Print Audit

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The use of managed print services is growing as the many benefits of this arrangement become clear. There are so many ways that managed print can save a business both time and money that it's a fast-growing service for businesses of every type. If you're considering managed print services, here are just a few ways that this service can help your business.

How Law Firms Can Benefit from Optical Character Recognition


The average law firm has an enormous amount of information that must be kept accessible on office equipment and ready to be used when it's needed. However, it is far harder to find specific information when it is in files like PDFs. These files can be transferred to different file types with the help of optical character recognition.

Reasons to Renew Your Office Equipment Maintenance Agreement


When you have an office equipment maintenance agreement, it's easy to see how well it works, especially when you have plenty of machines in the office that will all need regular maintenance. However, it may be tempting to not renew your agreement after it runs out simply to save money. However, this is likely to cause more trouble than it's worth.

Questions to Ask When Shopping Document Solutions

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The way that your company manages its documents is a big part of the standard workflows in the office. When you are looking at new document solutions, it's important to know exactly what type your business could get the most benefit from.

Why Managed Print May Be a Solution for Your Business

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The use of the printer is one of the many sounds that every office knows. Things have to be printed frequently in virtually every office, but that process can be made better for the company, the employees and its customers.

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