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Is Your SMB Ready for a Catastrophic Event?

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Data loss is nothing new, but recent natural disasters and high-profile security breaches have emphasized the need for a data backup and disaster recovery plan. With robust document solutions in place, your SMB will have a fighting chance of survival, even if the worst happens.

3 Reasons to Limit Access to Desktop Inkjet Printers

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Desktop personal printers are easy to acquire because of their low purchase price and off-the-shelf availability. But if you haven't included them in your print-related expense reports, you should be. Because desktop printers have relatively insignificant sticker prices, businesses often overlook them and instead focus on large acquisitions like large multifunction systems and laser printers.

3 Ways to Save with High-Tech Office Equipment

Scanning documents

Paper-based filing systems provide almost no advantages, and the downsides are easy to spot.

Looking for Growth? Try Cloud Computing!

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The explosive adoption of cloud computing has led to impressive growth for businesses across the spectrum. From reduced costs to improved process efficiency, switching to the cloud may be the surest path to success for your company in the years ahead.

Here are three of the most recently identified advantages of cloud computing.

Prepare for Disaster with Digital Document Solutions

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What would you do if disaster struck your business tomorrow? There's little chance that you could salvage much from a catastrophic fire or flood; most of your physical assets would either be destroyed or severely damaged. But are those possessions what defines your business?

Uncover Hidden Costs with Print Audit's Managed Print Solution

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When asked to tabulate business printing costs, most of us would begin (and end) with a list that looks something like this:

  1. Equipment
  2. Paper
  3. Toner

If only it were that easy! Identifying the real cost of business printing is much more complicated, and it's often the less-than-obvious expenses that have the worst impact on bottom lines.

Those Hidden Costs

Here's another list of three expenses, and this one is accurate for the average organization:

Does Your Office Equipment Provider Deliver The Big 3?


When your office equipment is out of order, so is your office. With so much depending on smooth workflows, device downtime is no small matter. To keep equipment failures from impacting your productivity, you need an office equipment partner that can deliver in three key areas:

Leasing a Copier? Here's How to Move Forward With Confidence.

buy or lease

Are you tasked with deciding whether to buy, rent, or lease a multifunction system for your office? There's a lot to consider, and answering the following three key questions is the first step in the process.

3 Ways to Save With Green Office Practices

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Going green in the office isn't just a trendy phase that will soon pass—going green is also a proven strategy for reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

The benefits of sustainable office practices are easy to substantiate. Smart business leaders already understand that, rather than an annoying distraction, green office policies are an effective way to slash operating costs and boost revenues. Here's what they've learned.

Expect More With Print Audit Managed Print Solutions

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Perhaps the most significant challenge facing businesses today is keeping up with constantly changing technology. From the popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend to cloud computing, new opportunities to address inefficiencies and improve collaboration are everywhere.

For businesses struggling with implementation, information security, and concerns about compatibility managed print solutions like Print Audit can make a tremendous difference. Here's what Print Audit users can expect:

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