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Sustainability in Healthcare

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When it comes to working in healthcare, your focus will be healing patients especially those with life-threatening conditions. The focus is also with working with the healthcare team to ensure sanitation, medical tests, x-rays, proper nutrition, surgery, and more. The whole environment will be sustained. However, sensitive documents may be compromised, especially when it comes to printing.

Ensure Your Copiers are HIPAA Compliant


In a digital world, keeping information secure requires a proactive approach. For businesses who need to follow HIPAA law, there can be a lot to consider, including how each piece of technology may expose sensitive patient information to being seen by the wrong people. Having a plan for document solutions that includes HIPAA compliance is the best way to make sure you don't expose sensitive documents and information to any risk.

Key Reasons to Outsource Managed Print Services


The many tasks in every office that require a printer often can't be ignored or put off for another day. Getting the printers in place and keeping them running well is a big job with the complexities of today's printers. Here's why so many companies are now investing in outsourced managed print services.

How Selecting the Right Office Equipment Helps Your Business

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As a small business owner, you know that selecting the perfect office equipment for your company can be challenging. And, with so many options available, wading through all the bells and whistles can be daunting and time-consuming. Whether you need a top-of-the-line multifunction printer or a basic black-and-white copier, here are some guidelines to help you find the best match for your business.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need Cloud Services

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When you think about office services, you might imagine managed print and workflow optimization, but today’s tools go beyond that. Cloud-based storage — once expensive and mysterious — is nearly a standard for modern businesses. With so much talk about cloud technology, let’s break down the top five reasons you should consider switching to the cloud.

Optimizing Unique Print Options with Document Solutions

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Depending on your business, you might only need black and white ink and paper to meet your print needs. But what if you are in an industry that requires wide-format options, color print, and various styles of media to get the job done? Document solutions can ensure that you have the most efficient equipment at the best prices available to help your produce top-of-the-line print projects.

Simplify Supply Ordering with MPS

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Ordering print supplies for the office can be difficult or expensive. It is challenging to anticipate when you will need print supplies and how much you will need, so costs add up, and so does frustration. Most often this is because businesses do not have protocols in place to simplify the process. With managed print, you don’t have to worry about supplies. This comprehensive solution streamlines print supply ordering and takes the stress off your staff.

MFP Shopping 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

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Office equipment might not always be the most exciting item to purchase, but getting it right is imperative. When it comes to selecting the right printing system, like a multifunction printer, businesses should do their homework before committing. As with any “big ticket item” you want to make sure you get the right match for your needs. I mean, you would not buy a car without conducting research first, right?

Vital Steps for Securing Your Multifunction Systems

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Keeping track of the methods used by criminals to obtain your confidential information is a full-time job. Here are a few vital steps you should take now to secure your multifunction systems.

Take Your Biz to the Next Level with Document Solutions

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Remember when every company had a giant copy machine in the center of the office? Those days are long gone, but if you have not evolved your print program and document solutions, then you might as well be stuck in the past. Today’s devices are meant to maximize productivity across all businesses of all sizes. Document solutions can help your business get the most of out your devices, cutting expenses and streamlining workflows.

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