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Reasons to Renew Your Office Equipment Maintenance Agreement


When you have an office equipment maintenance agreement, it's easy to see how well it works, especially when you have plenty of machines in the office that will all need regular maintenance. However, it may be tempting to not renew your agreement after it runs out simply to save money. However, this is likely to cause more trouble than it's worth.

Questions to Ask When Shopping Document Solutions

document solutions

The way that your company manages its documents is a big part of the standard workflows in the office. When you are looking at new document solutions, it's important to know exactly what type your business could get the most benefit from.

Why Managed Print May Be a Solution for Your Business

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The use of the printer is one of the many sounds that every office knows. Things have to be printed frequently in virtually every office, but that process can be made better for the company, the employees and its customers.

Do You Need a Copier or an MFP?

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Every office needs the right business machines to keep the office running. While many offices have a copier, they may not know about the many benefits of having a multifunction printer. Likewise, some offices may have an MFP when they only need the features of a copier.

A Printer and Copier is Just the Beginning

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Having a printer and copier in place is an important step in outfitting an office. These are essential business machines that virtually everyone in the office will need to use. However, simply supplying the machines isn't enough to keep workflows moving.

Document Solutions in the Age of the Cloud

cloud technology

Documents are one of the most integral parts of a small business. Those documents stored in your office are vital to employees, to management and customers. However, there is a far easier way to deal with all of those hundreds, likely thousands, of documents. Today, it's all about the cloud.

Smart Ways to Save on Printing Costs

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Printing costs are often one of the major costs in an office. The office printers use a lot of paper as well as ink or toner, and they cost money to maintain and repair. To keep your printing costs as low s possible, there are several systems that you can implement.

The Difference Between CMYK and RGB Printing

RGB vs CMYK vector

Printing in the office requires a printer that takes the needs of the whole office into account. The printer you choose may be one that uses CMYK printing, or it may use RGB printing. Here's how these two techniques are different.

Sustainability in Healthcare

doctor looking at records in folder

When it comes to working in healthcare, your focus will be healing patients especially those with life-threatening conditions. The focus is also with working with the healthcare team to ensure sanitation, medical tests, x-rays, proper nutrition, surgery, and more. The whole environment will be sustained. However, sensitive documents may be compromised, especially when it comes to printing.

Ensure Your Copiers are HIPAA Compliant


In a digital world, keeping information secure requires a proactive approach. For businesses who need to follow HIPAA law, there can be a lot to consider, including how each piece of technology may expose sensitive patient information to being seen by the wrong people. Having a plan for document solutions that includes HIPAA compliance is the best way to make sure you don't expose sensitive documents and information to any risk.

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