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3 Steps to Improved Supply Management with Print Audit

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Managed print solutions like Print Audit provide businesses with much-needed insight into their true cost of printing. With so many organizations adopting digital solutions, printing costs that should be showing significant declines are doing the opposite and rising. To find out the reasons behind your company's rising print costs, Print Audit managed print solutions can delve into your print environment to uncover hidden spending.

BASE Technologies Chosen as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

2018 Elite Dealer ENX Magazine

BASE Technologies Chosen as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

Toluca Lake, CA (October 2018) — ENX Magazine and ENX The Week In Imaging announced that BASE Technologies has been selected as a 2018 Elite Dealer. This annual Who’s Who of the office technology dealer community, which is published annually, will be featured in the December issue of ENX Magazine.

Selecting the Right Office Equipment for Your Law Firm

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Whether you're replacing existing devices or starting from scratch, choosing office equipment for your law office involves making a series of critical decisions. You'll be using your office equipment for several years, and it's essential to make the right choice. Here's how to map out the process.

Optimize Your Daily Processes with Scanning

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When you're adding new office services to your organization this year, be sure to include one of the latest scanning technologies. For the modern office, scanning is essential for optimizing everyday business practices and staying competitive in today's increasingly digitized business infrastructures.

Advanced Document Solutions for Healthcare Providers

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Your healthcare facility faces challenges that are unique to your industry. Documentation plays a significant role in your processes, and current privacy regulations center around how healthcare providers handle and secure patient records. Advanced, technology-centered document solutions can facilitate your compliance goals, and they can also contribute considerably to patient care.

Managed Print—A Cost-Reduction Strategy That Works

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Did you know that improving your printing process can significantly lower your cost of operation and enhance company-wide productivity? The trick is figuring out exactly what needs improving and how to bring those improvements to fruition. Take a seat. Print Audit and BASE Technology's managed print solutions have your back.

HIPAA Compliance and Your Office Equipment


Your office equipment helps run your organization's internal processes, but if you're not careful, it can help someone else in their efforts to gain access to your confidential documents. If you haven't taken the proper steps to lock down your networked office equipment, here's what you should do now to keep criminals away from protected health information and other confidential documents.

Don't Pass Up These Office Services for Your SMB

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Managed office services are growing in popularity among SMBs, and it's not difficult to pinpoint the benefits. Improved efficiency and a heftier bottom line are two advantages, and the access office services providers give SMBs to professional expertise can help them compete with larger companies.

Here's a look at some office services that have the potential to change everything for your small business.

Streamlining Your Transition to Electronic Document Solutions

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Did you know there's a direct link between your company's profitability and the way you handle information? Outdated paper-based document solutions can slow down communication and even leave your company behind in the rapidly growing world of e-commerce and technology-driven business processes.

If it's time to streamline your company's business processes, here are two key factors that can make the transition easier.

Tread More Lightly on the Planet with Print Audit

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Is your organization on the lookout for new ways to become more environmentally responsible? Perhaps now more than ever, businesses are taking steps to embrace sustainability while also improving productivity and lowering costs. With the right tools, it's a lot easier than you think.

The Print Audit Managed Print Solution

Here's how smart businesses are taking advantage of solutions like Print Audit managed print software to accomplish several critical goals at once.

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