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Not Having Managed Print Can Really Cost You


You managed business expenses closely and carefully. Each expense matters and is part of a tight budget. With any business, you need to know where your money is going. Some outsourcing services can help save money at your business and keep you running ahead full speed. Managed print is one of those critical services.

Why Buy a Copier?


Whether your business is large or small, a copier is an essential aspect of growing your company. No matter if you are just starting out or well established, you'll need to invest in the right office equipment to keep moving forward.

That's where a few specific questions come into play. Do you want to buy or lease your machine? What are the benefits of both? Who should you work with?

Comprehensive Office Services Make Your Company More Competitive


It seems like some cloud computing solutions have been a long time coming without simple answers for office implementation. At Base Technologies, we developed comprehensive office services to address digital storage needs while providing space and security for your company to grow.

Comprehensive solutions look more like helpful answers from your vendor partner at Base Inc and less like working with multiple teams to get what you need from various vendors and with too many invoices and contacts to count.

Document Solutions to Go Green


If your business is growing and planning to expand, increase marketing, and reach a broader audience, it's time to consider how to go green. It matters for public relations, sustainability, and cost management, so sooner is better to get working on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Solve Print Problems with Managed Print


While it seemed like printing would be totally out of style and off the budget once the internet took over the work world, the reality has been dramatically different. While digital communications and integrated collaboration has definitely lead the way, no office can operate effectively without print.

Avoid Pricey Office Equipment Repairs With a Little TLC!


When it comes to office equipment, the best way to avoid big problems and huge bills is to show your machines a little TLC. It's not always easy to know exactly what your equipment needs--but today, we'll provide some helpful tips that help you choose maintenance over repairs.

Getting Back to The Basics of The Cloud


There is a lot of talk these days about using the cloud, but what exactly is it? Do you know when it might be best to use cloud storage and when another option might be better?


The Document Management Best Practices You Need to Know About


When your company is ready for a digital document management system, there are a few things to remember during the process. These best practices can make the change easier for every level of your staff.

Managed Print: All About The Assessment


When managed print services start, there is an assessment upfront. This assessment covers a wide range of aspects of your printers, and it ends with recommendations for making your printer fleet better and stronger.

Are You Protecting Your Copier?


The copier in the office gets a real workout on a typical day. That's why it should be included in all security measures so that the data that goes to and from the machine isn't compromised.

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