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Managed Print's Benefits in the School System


There are so many costs associated with running a school that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. When it's time for a school to cut its costs, the cost of printing should be considered among the viable budget options. Printing costs may seem to be fixed, but they can be lowered through the use of managed print services.

Which Cloud Services Best Fit Your Business?


It would be challenging to dispute just how useful the cloud is for storage and backing up files. However, using cloud services for a backup and using it as file storage or two different things. Here's what you need to know about what each of these office services is and which one of them you may need for your company's files.

Simple Solutions for All Your Document Needs

document solutions (document management)

One of the most time-consuming activities in the office is often organizing its documents. All hard copies of documents have to be well organized, stored, and kept where they can be safe from any data thieves. However, there is now a better method to handle document solutions.

Why Managed Print and Higher Education Go Hand In Hand


If there's one thing that never changes on college campuses, it may be the need for documents. Professors, assistants, students, and others all have numerous documents they must handle daily to keep up with the coursework. However, there are now many ways to import data without using hard copies. To keep print costs as low as possible, managed print services can be used to keep track of the process. 

Reducing Your Print Budget: Simplified


No one in management wants to spend more on supplies and services that are needed. To keep your company's costs as low as possible, reducing print costs is a great way to keep all of the convenience of office equipment while paying less for the use of them.

Office Services That Save Your Business Money


Helpful Tips for Office Managers and Operations Managers

A company providing office services can save a business a ton of money by helping them go paperless. More businesses every year are deciding to go paperless. These same businesses are convinced a good share of their customers like the paperless method. Initially, companies may drag their feet on going paperless. Do not put off what is eventually to happen.

Saving Time With Document Management


The processing and upkeep of documents can be extremely time-consuming. Paper documents have to be checked, files, found later, retrieved, and filed again. And if the paper has been at all misfiled, the time it takes to find it again can be extreme. However, there is a better document management system that can eliminate all of those time-consuming tasks.

Does Managed Print Really Save You Money?


The cost of printing keeps climbing for many companies, and it could continue to rise if action isn't taken to bring that cost back downward. With managed print services, there are several ways that the cost is lowered so that every page printed costs less.

How to Spot Fake Office Equipment Reviews

Fake online reviews concept

The multitude of copiers on the market today may be intimidating when it's time to choose one. Luckily, there are so many customer reviews available online, and those can help you choose the best one. Or can they? Here's how to weed out the fake ones so you can get help from the real reviews.

Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in the Office


Nothing is as expected as change, but it doesn't have to be the huge changes that have an effect on your company. Often, it is the smaller changes that leave a business better able to do business efficiently and to recover more quickly from a disaster.

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