VoIP Services

Cloud-Based VoIP Solutions

We use the power of the cloud to deliver business phone services over your existing internet connection. Since there are no physical phone lines to maintain and all calls go through the internet, costs for business phone services can be reduced significantly.

Is it time to upgrade your phone system?

When it comes to business, communication is key. That’s why you need the best way to get in touch with someone even with you're not in the office. VoIP can give you communication from an office phone right in your home. With this, you can rest with ease knowing that you're not missing any calls from anyone at work or maybe a customer is trying to reach you or maybe even someone else who was out of the office too. Having accessibilities you wouldn’t normally have at home can help with communication around your business and would create a steady working and healthy work style.

Is VoIP the right choice for you?

A cloud phone system solution allows businesses to retire their existing in-house phone system (PBX) and move their phone system to the cloud. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and enterprise companies all love the convenience of the cloud.

Cloud-based VoIP Lets you:

  • Have as few or as many extensions as needed
  • Choose the phone brand you want to use
  • Purchase, Rent or use your existing IP phones
  • Keep your established phone numbers
  • Add new phone numbers in different area codes
  • Scale up easily as your business grows
  • Connect remote workers and satellite offices
  • Make unlimited calls in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Enjoy unlimited technical support

SIP Trunking

Small businesses that want to keep their in-house Phone System (PBX) can still save by using VoIP! SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) helps businesses break away from traditional phone service providers while still using their existing phone system (PBX). By taking advantage of VoIP with their existing phone system, businesses are able to lower costs, add call capacity and enjoy instant scalability.

SIP Trunking lets you:

  • Have your phone lines delivered via your Internet Connection
  • Use VoIP technology with your existing PBX
  • Pay only for required call paths – and scale as needed
  • Take advantage of 2 call channels per trunk
  • Make unlimited calls in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Ability to convert your account to a Cloud Phone System Account when needed