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The Security Threat From Your Office Equipment

grabbing paper from printer

Threats from hackers are nothing new, but there's a threat that outdates them by decades, and it's still hanging out at your office.

Time for New Office Equipment? Don't Dismiss Color!

hand holding color printed paper

Your office equipment selections can make a tremendous difference in both employee productivity and operating costs. The right office equipment gives your team access to technologies that can help them perform daily tasks more efficiently. On the flip side, the wrong office equipment can stand in the way of productivity and even drive up costs. In the case of printers and copiers, business managers often forgo color, thinking the decision is right financially.

3 Tips for Choosing an Office Equipment Provider

lady holding up three fingers

When it's time to upgrade your office equipment or equip a new location, there are a lot of decisions to make. The first one is choosing the right dealer.

Why It's Important

It's true; you could get all of your office equipment in one afternoon by stopping by a big box retailer. But the advantages of dealing exclusively with a professional office equipment and services provider far outstrip the convenience of that afternoon shopping trip. Here's why you'll want to choose a more measured approach.

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