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Tired of Print Security Close Calls?

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Have you ever had a close call with a secure document? It's easy to do, especially in a busy office with a lot of distractions. Here's an example:

BYOD Smartphone Security Tips

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Most companies use smartphones for at least some aspect of their business processes. Whether it's basic person-to-person communications or access to documents via cloud repositories, it's hard to imagine a 21st-century business that doesn't use smartphone technology.

Slow Network Impeding Your Progress?

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Acquiring information used to be a time-consuming process. A trip to the library or bookstore was the starting point for everything from how to grow bigger tomatoes to identifying the source of the mysterious ticking sound under your car's hood. And next year's vacation? The journey began by writing to the chamber of commerce for a visitor's packet.

Are You Compromising Your Own Data?

Data Breach

The cloud has changed the way businesses work, improving collaboration and productivity by allowing 24/7 access to critical data.

While cloud capabilities are undoubtedly a benefit, they can also provide a portal directly into your company's valuable data. Businesses can mitigate the risk with regular upgrades, ongoing education, and reliance upon expert office services providers.

Navigating the Complex World of Compliance

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Perhaps no issue is more complex for IT departments as maintaining cloud compliance. Given that compliance regulations vary from one industry to another and regulations are becoming even more stringent, many organizations are hard-pressed to ensure compliance. To add even more to the already stressful issue, 2016 saw an increase in fines levied against non-compliant organizations.

Your Office Deserves a Multifunction System

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multitask [muhl-tee-task], verb: the ability to perform multiple duties simultaneously without difficulty

You may have heard skeptics denounce multitasking as overrated, but our guess is these doubters never owned a multifunction printer. The happy truth is just the opposite; a multitasking device can make your life—at least in the office—much easier.

Where to Begin When Implementing Your BYOD Policy

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When considering your data security plan, it's critical to add a mobile device policy. Any device with online capabilities poses a potential security risk to your network. A mobile device policy that is easy for employees to understand and implement will achieve the highest level of buy-in and success.

Are Your Files Secure?

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It's a serious mistake to think your company is not large enough to be the target of a cyber attack. Cybercriminals have discovered that a series of smash and grab thefts from small businesses can be just as lucrative as a major hit to a big corporation.

Is Your Company At Risk?

Data security threats to small businesses continue to rise. Here's what they're after:

Is Your Data Secure 24/7?

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Storing your information may be easier than ever, but be careful not to assume you're 100% covered when it comes to data security. Consolidating your company's data to the cloud doesn't necessarily mean there isn't more to do. Read on to learn more.

Rules Based Printing Makes Cost Reduction Easy

Office Services

Here on the BASE Technologies blog, we talk often about managed print services. But today, let's dive in a little closer to examine one of the aspects of our managed print services and how it can benefit your company. Let's talk about Rules Based Printing.

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