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Should You Buy a Copier or a Multifunction Printer?

Office Equipment

If you're in the market for new office equipment, you may be wondering whether you should choose a copier or a multifunction printer.

The boundaries aren't aren't clear between the two as they used to be, and they share similar functions. If you're considering either one, or perhaps both, several factors come into play. Chief among them is the size of your office group, the performance you require to keep up with demand, and how much room you have available to accommodate your new devices.

The HP Officejet Pro X Series: Good for the Environment. Good for Business.

Office Equipment

You want your office equipment to help you meet the challenges of doing business in the 21st century. You also care about the environment. Read on to find out how HP's Officejet Pro X series can help you meet both goals at the same time.

Stop Wasting Energy

Keeping outdated office equipment can come at a high price when it comes to energy usage. HP's ENERGY STAR certification can help you cut energy usage by up to 50%. The savings will be reflected in your power costs—and the environment.

Home Sweet Home Office

Office Equipment

Are you one of the millions of self-employed or mobile employees working from a home office? If so, are you doing everything you can to make your work-from-home experience as rewarding as possible? While there are obvious benefits (like no stressful commutes and no line at the office copier), we submit that those who work from home deserve an office space that's, well, worth coming home to!

Your Awesome Office

Here are just a few tips to take your home office from ho-hum to exceptional.

Stretch Your Budget with Refurbished Office Equipment

Office Equipment

Taking advantage of new office equipment technologies is a good way to improve staff productivity. Aging equipment often doesn't include the latest features, and too-frequent breakdowns can cause frustration and impede progress. The reality of budgetary constraints, however, can make it difficult to get the office equipment you need.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Office Equipment

Office Equipment

When you think about what business equipment you need in your office, undoubtedly, a copier/printer is one of the biggest investments. While there are many new options available, from a basic copier to a multi-functional printer, there are even more opportunities when you look at refurbished equipment. Purchasing used, reconditioned equipment is a great way to get the printer you need while saving some money for your business.

Does Quality Office Equipment Impact Business?


Office equipment seems like one of the things you can put on the back burner when you're trying to save money...right? Think again. Quality office equipment can make a huge impact on your businesses - from supporting employees to providing necessary tools to professionalism to quality work, office equipment matters.

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