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Buying vs Leasing Office Equipment

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The choice of whether to buy or lease office equipment can be a big one. There are pros and cons for each choice, and the size of your company may dictate the best answer for your business.

How Law Firms Can Benefit from Optical Character Recognition


The average law firm has an enormous amount of information that must be kept accessible on office equipment and ready to be used when it's needed. However, it is far harder to find specific information when it is in files like PDFs. These files can be transferred to different file types with the help of optical character recognition.

Do You Need a Copier or an MFP?

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Every office needs the right business machines to keep the office running. While many offices have a copier, they may not know about the many benefits of having a multifunction printer. Likewise, some offices may have an MFP when they only need the features of a copier.

The Difference Between CMYK and RGB Printing

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Printing in the office requires a printer that takes the needs of the whole office into account. The printer you choose may be one that uses CMYK printing, or it may use RGB printing. Here's how these two techniques are different.

How Selecting the Right Office Equipment Helps Your Business

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As a small business owner, you know that selecting the perfect office equipment for your company can be challenging. And, with so many options available, wading through all the bells and whistles can be daunting and time-consuming. Whether you need a top-of-the-line multifunction printer or a basic black-and-white copier, here are some guidelines to help you find the best match for your business.

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MFP Shopping 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

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Office equipment might not always be the most exciting item to purchase, but getting it right is imperative. When it comes to selecting the right printing system, like a multifunction printer, businesses should do their homework before committing. As with any “big ticket item” you want to make sure you get the right match for your needs. I mean, you would not buy a car without conducting research first, right?

Elevate Your Business with Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

There was a time when mobile printing seemed downright futuristic. But, now that smartphones are a critical piece of office equipment, printing a document from your phone is a real possibility. And, in reality, it should be standard practice in today’s modern business climate. If your company has not yet embraced mobile print technology, here’s your opportunity to learn how it can boost your business.

Have You Addressed These Common Business Security Risks?

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The digital age may have made business life easier on several fronts, but technology has also increased opportunities for criminals to take what doesn't belong to them. Diligence is critical, and if you'd rather not be a hacker's next victim, it's imperative to begin addressing your security vulnerabilities now.

Here's how switching to electronic document management, performing system updates, and including your office equipment in your security strategy can help your company fend off cybercriminals.

Selecting the Right Office Equipment for Your Law Firm

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Whether you're replacing existing devices or starting from scratch, choosing office equipment for your law office involves making a series of critical decisions. You'll be using your office equipment for several years, and it's essential to make the right choice. Here's how to map out the process.

HIPAA Compliance and Your Office Equipment


Your office equipment helps run your organization's internal processes, but if you're not careful, it can help someone else in their efforts to gain access to your confidential documents. If you haven't taken the proper steps to lock down your networked office equipment, here's what you should do now to keep criminals away from protected health information and other confidential documents.

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