Managed Print Services

Long Term Savings and Benefits of Managed Print Services


Your office budget is a complex system that has likely taken a few surprise hits (or boosts) over the last year. While the pandemic brought more uncertainty to business, it also allowed managers to look at areas where consistency could build business and help you grow in the right direction.


What to Consider When Finding Your Managed Print Partner

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Establishing a good relationship with your managed print services partner is a critical part of the process of setting up effective, efficient print management.

Let's back up though - why are you setting up managed print services in the first place? It's probably because you've heard that managed print can save up to 30% on print costs in your office, can greatly reduce wasteful printing and excessive print spending, and can increase your company's sustainability and productivity at the same time. It's a go-to solution for finding new ways to build efficiency into your business model and cut out unnecessary costs.

Now, read on to find out how to get the best managed print services for your team.

What Else Does Managed Print Do?

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Managed print services are a highly functional method for offices to oversee print output, supply, maintenance, and more. But, managed print has become even more in recent years, as employers have found new ways that the technology can support business growth and operational savings.

Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

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Here's an important business manager question: Are you sure that your company is responsibly managing print? It's okay if you're not sure - most businesses are not aware that up to 3% of their operating costs could be going to their print environment. That's a huge chunk!

If you're not totally sure that your print has the proper oversight, or if you're curious about what else you could do to cut costs, managed print services are a great consideration.

Five Can't-Miss Benefits of Managed Print Services Through Print Audit

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Fewer than 34% of small to medium businesses can give an answer when asked how much their organization spends on document printing. The reasons are varied, but hidden costs and unmanaged devices are often the top offenders.

A Managed Print Services Q & A

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If you're not confident that Managed Print Services is right for your organization, here's a quick Q&A to help clear up some of the most common concerns.

1. Is Managed Print Services practical only for large-scale businesses?

No. Managed Print Services can reduce printing costs by as much as 30%. No matter how small or large your business, if paper documents are a regular part of your operations, Managed Print can help you gain better insight into those costs, reducing them where needed.

Do It Yourself or with Managed Print Services—Which is Better?

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DIY is all the rage, thanks in part to an online community of folks ready to share their homespun how-tos with anyone willing to listen. When it comes to your print environment, however, doing it yourself only sounds easy—the reality is a lot messier. Whether you're dealing with troubleshooting hassles or an out-of-control supply inventory, you're right to wonder if an in-house approach is worth the headache.

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