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Legal Document Automation Processes Can Save Your Business

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Finding the right automation solutions matters - there are so many companies offering various options; how do you decide?


Document Solutions Win Over Employees

The workplace has changed quickly in the last two years, and getting employees on board and keeping them is key. One way to improve retention and ensure that new staff are coming into an office they want to work in is to update features and systems to be easier to manage across the board. Smart outsourcing is a great way to take care of classic tedious tasks so your employees can focus on their true work.


What Does Going Digital Really Mean?

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The digital transformation is speeding up, and it's probably time to make sure your company is keeping up. What does that mean for you? It means that you use new technology to create efficiencies in your workflows, operations, processes, and service. Essentially, it's modernizing on a large scale to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital environment we live in.


3 Ways to Update Your Document Management Workflow

This is the year that you are ready to fix your clunky workflows. Maybe you've been thinking all year about how to do it and when to make the move. Well, consider this a sign - surveys have shown that document challenges can create over a 20% loss of productivity in a business. That's not something you can afford.


Quick Answers for Document Management and Indexing

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Okay: so you've made the move from paper to digital filing and organization, however, the 'organization' part seems to be always in progress. Right? Many businesses find themselves in this place shortly after adopting digital document management, but it's not how it has to be!


Document Management is the Secret to Security and Organization for Non Profits

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Non profit management is a much bigger job than many people think. You manage fundraising, events, projects, donors, members, and meeting your mission. In addition, you have the same behind the scenes operations as any other business - the office equipment, security requirements, technical issues, IT oversight, collaboration and sharing efforts, and more.


Solving Office Issues with Document Management

Document management is today's office answer for keeping track of files, data, information, and historical records. Have compliance considerations? Document management is the solution. Need to improve client communications? Document management.


Critical Features for Document Management in Your Office

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Your business has encountered a lot in the last two years. From a shift to remote work to adapting quickly as the workplace and world have changed, your company has pivoted a lot as necessary.


Quick and Easy Steps for Starting Document Management

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Establishing a functional digital document management system in your office can be the difference between securing files and access that you need. It might also be the critical shift in employee and client communications that makes a difference for your business. If you're ready to make the move to digital, read on.


Document Management Benefits for Law Firms


Your law firm has undoubtedly made a lot of updates to security, workflows, functionality, and communications in the last few years. There's a big shift that you might be considering but aren't quite sure about yet, and that's from hard copy papers to digital document management.

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