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Questions to Ask When Shopping Document Solutions

document solutions

The way that your company manages its documents is a big part of the standard workflows in the office. When you are looking at new document solutions, it's important to know exactly what type your business could get the most benefit from.

Document Solutions in the Age of the Cloud

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Documents are one of the most integral parts of a small business. Those documents stored in your office are vital to employees, to management and customers. However, there is a far easier way to deal with all of those hundreds, likely thousands, of documents. Today, it's all about the cloud.

Ensure Your Copiers are HIPAA Compliant


In a digital world, keeping information secure requires a proactive approach. For businesses who need to follow HIPAA law, there can be a lot to consider, including how each piece of technology may expose sensitive patient information to being seen by the wrong people. Having a plan for document solutions that includes HIPAA compliance is the best way to make sure you don't expose sensitive documents and information to any risk.

Optimizing Unique Print Options with Document Solutions

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Depending on your business, you might only need black and white ink and paper to meet your print needs. But what if you are in an industry that requires wide-format options, color print, and various styles of media to get the job done? Document solutions can ensure that you have the most efficient equipment at the best prices available to help your produce top-of-the-line print projects.

Take Your Biz to the Next Level with Document Solutions

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Remember when every company had a giant copy machine in the center of the office? Those days are long gone, but if you have not evolved your print program and document solutions, then you might as well be stuck in the past. Today’s devices are meant to maximize productivity across all businesses of all sizes. Document solutions can help your business get the most of out your devices, cutting expenses and streamlining workflows.

Keeping Data Secure with Document Solutions

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Whether you are printing pages or saving digital documents, we know document security is never far from your minds. Ensuring that private information is kept safe is just one element of a holistic approach to document solutions.

Is Paper Stealing Your Small Company's Future?

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A variety of complicated issues can hold your business back and keep you from succeeding. In the last few years, some huge companies have closed their doors forever, or the possibility is staring them in the face. The reasons are varied, but experts point out that their inability to compete in a virtual economy may be partly to blame.

Advanced Document Solutions for Healthcare Providers

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Your healthcare facility faces challenges that are unique to your industry. Documentation plays a significant role in your processes, and current privacy regulations center around how healthcare providers handle and secure patient records. Advanced, technology-centered document solutions can facilitate your compliance goals, and they can also contribute considerably to patient care.

Streamlining Your Transition to Electronic Document Solutions

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Did you know there's a direct link between your company's profitability and the way you handle information? Outdated paper-based document solutions can slow down communication and even leave your company behind in the rapidly growing world of e-commerce and technology-driven business processes.

If it's time to streamline your company's business processes, here are two key factors that can make the transition easier.

Are Your Document Solutions Disaster Proof?

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The reasons why companies go out of business run the gamut from a failure to deliver value to customers to an inability to compete with established leaders in the market. While some challenges are unavoidable, allowing your business to fail because you haven't prepared for disaster is one of the easiest to correct.

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