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HIPAA Compliance and Your Office Equipment


Your office equipment helps run your organization's internal processes, but if you're not careful, it can help someone else in their efforts to gain access to your confidential documents. If you haven't taken the proper steps to lock down your networked office equipment, here's what you should do now to keep criminals away from protected health information and other confidential documents.

Don't Pass Up These Office Services for Your SMB

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Managed office services are growing in popularity among SMBs, and it's not difficult to pinpoint the benefits. Improved efficiency and a heftier bottom line are two advantages, and the access office services providers give SMBs to professional expertise can help them compete with larger companies.

Here's a look at some office services that have the potential to change everything for your small business.

Are Your Document Solutions Disaster Proof?

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The reasons why companies go out of business run the gamut from a failure to deliver value to customers to an inability to compete with established leaders in the market. While some challenges are unavoidable, allowing your business to fail because you haven't prepared for disaster is one of the easiest to correct.

Start Smart With Digital Document Solutions

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Ready to launch your small business? If you're just starting out, you've got a real advantage over companies who've been dependent on paper processes for decades. By adopting digital document solutions from the start, SMBs have fewer paper-created bottlenecks to deal with, and you may even have a competitive edge over companies still trying to get out of paper's grip. Here's what we mean.

Back to the Future of Document Storage

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Organizations who are still chained to paper-based document solutions are fighting a losing battle. They are essentially trying to meet the challenges of 2017 and beyond with outdated solutions from the 20th-century. Why are we still doing that?

Save Time With a Document Management Solution

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Whether we're at work or home if there's one thing we could change, it's the number of hours we have to accomplish our goals.

What if we told you there was a tool designed to help you gain more time? Of course, there will still be the same number of hours in a workday, but every business leader dreams of a solution to use those hours more efficiently.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Document Solutions

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hol-is-tic (adjective) to consider the whole of something, and not just a specific aspect Example: At BASE Technologies, we take pride in our holistic approach to improving our clients' processes.

Building Trust with Digital Document Management

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Trust is central to success in the healthcare industry. It's a given that patients need to know they can trust healthcare providers with their physical well-being, but that's just the beginning of the story.

Increasing concerns about the confidentiality of patient records have healthcare providers on the lookout for secure document management solutions they can trust. Without robust data security solutions, providers are at risk of destroying the patient-provider relationship, perhaps forever.

Navigating the Complex World of Compliance

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Perhaps no issue is more complex for IT departments as maintaining cloud compliance. Given that compliance regulations vary from one industry to another and regulations are becoming even more stringent, many organizations are hard-pressed to ensure compliance. To add even more to the already stressful issue, 2016 saw an increase in fines levied against non-compliant organizations.

Digitizing Your Processes? Don't Forget to Manage Print.

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There's no question that digital document management solutions will eventually be preferred over paper-based systems as businesses processes continue to evolve. The benefits are clear, and include:

  • Improved workflows
  • Increased document security
  • Reduced costs
  • Easier staff collaboration
  • Improved regulatory compliance

As more and more companies embrace paperless document solutions, it's easy to overlook the need to manage print environments in the meantime. Here's why it still matters.

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