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Data Security through Office Services

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Security is one office function that has gone from important to critical, based on the number of risks and the amount of data you could lose with a breach.

Luckily, your office security can benefit from oversight from a professional team of experts when you consider office services.

How Cloud Services Build Your Business

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Business is built on adapting to change, and your company has probably seen plenty of change lately. But, there's always a positive side. This might be that new opportunities are available for your company to invest in cloud services to build business beyond what you thought capable before. How do those things connect, you may wonder? Read on.

Go Paperless with Secure Office Services Like Document Management


The office services that you invest in are important, and your team is probably ready to hit the ground running with digital solutions. If you haven't considered going completely paperless, now is the time. Paperless offices are more secure, more mobile, and more efficient than those still using hard copy or regularly going between mediums.

Top Reasons to Go Digital

There are tons of reasons to go digital, but the most important to consider include:

How Data Security Protects Your Business


Data security means establishing protocols, policies, and procedures to protect your business data from loss, hacking, unauthorized access, and other issues. Most organizations have data security processes and controls in place, and some have better systems than others. If you're wondering if now is a good time to address data security, update your systems, and find a reliable vendor partner, the answer is yes. Time to talk to Base Technologies.

Why Is Cybersecurity So Important When Working Remotely?


The convenience of working from remote locations has made remote working more popular than ever. Between national emergencies and local circumstances, the push to work from home is strong, so the push to do it safely must be strong as well. Cybersecurity and other types of data security and IT solutions are vital to today's working style.

Where to Begin When Implementing Your BYOD Policy

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When considering your data security plan, it's critical to add a mobile device policy. Any device with online capabilities poses a potential security risk to your network. A mobile device policy that is easy for employees to understand and implement will achieve the highest level of buy-in and success.

Are Your Files Secure?

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It's a serious mistake to think your company is not large enough to be the target of a cyber attack. Cybercriminals have discovered that a series of smash and grab thefts from small businesses can be just as lucrative as a major hit to a big corporation.

Is Your Company At Risk?

Data security threats to small businesses continue to rise. Here's what they're after:

Is Your Data Secure 24/7?

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Storing your information may be easier than ever, but be careful not to assume you're 100% covered when it comes to data security. Consolidating your company's data to the cloud doesn't necessarily mean there isn't more to do. Read on to learn more.

Data Security

For many businesses and government organizations in Hartford and all over Connecticut, keeping information private and protected is a serious concern. If unauthorized users access or steal sensitive documents, it can prove disastrous for your reputation and your livelihood itself.

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