Small-Medium Enterprises

For small and medium-sized businesses, keeping operating costs low is especially important. To stay competitive, they need to stay as efficient as possible and get the most from their available resources.

Of course, it can be hard to figure out how to do this in the midst of your day-to-day activities. Excessive or inefficient printing practices can eat into your budget. Paper records can build up, which increases your need for storage space. This, in turn, raises your operating expenses. It also increases the risk of misplacing or losing some vital piece of information in the shuffle, which can threaten your business down the road.

How BASE Technologies Can Help

BASE Technologies can help small-to-medium enterprise businesses streamline their document workflows and increase their productivity.

With our Managed Print services, you can:

  • Control who uses your laser printers and how they use them
  • Track your printing expenses with greater accuracy
  • Cut down on printing waste and reduce your carbon footprint

Also, we offer a variety of IT solutions and document management solutions that you can combine with our scanners and multifunction systems to transition from paper documents to digital files. You’ll be able to eliminate storage costs, organize your information better and more.

To learn more about how BASE Technologies can help small and medium-sized businesses, you can contact us through our Get Started page.