Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing

Printing costs are an oft-overlooked aspect of a company’s overhead. A single office worker can cost a business thousands of dollars through printing processes alone. Inefficiencies and wastefulness can compound these costs.

BASE Technologies’ Managed Print services help you rein in these costs of your copiers and laser printers. Rules-Based Printing lets you set restrictions on print jobs throughout your Connecticut workplace. You’ll have the power to:

  • Prevent excessive printing
  • Make your information more secure
  • Instill greater responsibility among your workers

Benefits of Rules-Based Printing

With Rules-Based Printing, you’ll be able to:

  • Set restrictions on printing emails, websites and other types of documents
  • Route jobs to alternate laser printers automatically when problems arise
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your printing
  • Limit times when people can use your devices
  • Keep track of printer usage

Print Accountability and Printer Management

Rules-Based Printing is just one component of our Managed Print Services. With Print Accountability, you can control costs and even open potential revenue streams. Also, Printer Management allows you to keep your printer fleet producing for longer. For more details, click the links below:

Document Solutions

BASE Technologies doesn’t just help you manage your printed documents better. Our available document and IT solutions enable you to optimize your digital processes as well. Click the links for more information:

If you have questions on Rules-Based Printing or our other Managed Print services, contact us through our Get Started page.