Print Accountability

Print Accountability

Wasteful and unclaimed print jobs can eat into a company’s budget. Not only can printing exhaust your paper and toner stock, but excessive usage can also wear your printers and copiers down. In turn, this can lead to service calls and the need to purchase new equipment, which can cost your business even more.

With Print Accountability—a vital component of BASE Technologies’ Managed Print services—controlling and reducing your printing expenses becomes nearly effortless. We’ll help you control how your laser printers and copiers are used and raise your bottom line.

Benefits of Print Accountability

Print Accountability enables you to:

  • Set quotas on pages printed
  • Set up user ID restrictions for tracking of print jobs
  • Track printing costs by departments or individuals
  • Set up payment requirements for printing

Rules-Based Printing and Printer Management

BASE Technologies’ Managed Print services help optimize your printing solution in other ways. Rules-Based Printing lets you further control your equipment is used. Printer Management ensures that your devices stay in sound working order. For more details, click the links:

Document Management Solutions

In addition to helping you manage your printed documents better, BASE Technologies can help you organize your digital information. Click the links for information on our document management and IT solutions:

Contact us through our Get Started page if you have questions about Print Accountability.