Our Story

Our Story

History of BASE Technologies

In the early 90’s, Fujitsu discontinued their facsimile business leaving hundreds of office technology professionals without work. In 1992, two former employees put their years of experience to use by starting a company named BASE Technologies. Headquartered out of our president’s living room, the duo found success early by providing high-end office products with a personalized level of service. As time went by, their success continued and BASE transformed from a company that focused primarily on copiers and laser printers, to a solution-driven business. Today, over 25 years later, BASE focuses on providing managed print services and document management solutions with the ultimate goal of improving our client's day-to-day workflows, leading us to develop the slogan "Our Business is Improving Yours".

Today, BASE Technologies focuses on doing business both in the state of Connecticut and nationwide. We currently offer the following:

Mission Statement

To provide quality products, service and solutions that will surpass the expectations of our customers. To sustain a work-friendly atmosphere which allows for open communication, respect for the individual and recognition of dedication and effort; all of which contribute not only to future success, but to quality of life.

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