Non-profit organizations must produce, distribute and otherwise manage a tremendous amount of documents. They may need to produce a wide variety of material, including:

  • Newsletters

  • Pamphlets

  • Reports

This will generate costs that an organization must manage properly in order to function. Also, for non-profits to retain their tax-exempt status, they must keep meticulous and detailed records about their activities. Relying on physical files can make this difficult. Not only can it lead to reduced efficiency and increased overhead, but it can also open the potential for lost or misplaced information.

How BASE Technologies Can Help

BASE Technologies can help non-profits in New Haven, Bridgeport and beyond develop productive, cost-effective solutions for printing and document management.

Our stock of multifunction printers and copiers will give you error-free prints consistently. Booklet folder options will allow you to easily make material for distribution in-house.

Also, our Managed Print services ensure that your organization gets the most from its laser printer fleet. We help tailor your printing solution to fit your needs, uncovering places where you can cut costs and increase efficiency.

You can also pair our multifunction systems with our document management solutions to move your records from paper to electronic form painlessly. You’ll be able to avoid storage costs and keep information accessible, organized and secure.

For more details on how non-profits can benefit from BASE Technologies’ products and IT solutions, go to our Get Started page to contact us.