Health Care

Health Care

Hospitals and other companies in the health care industry have serious and varied document management needs. Not only do these organizations need to produce and distribute information in a quick and cost-effective manner, but they also need the ability both to save documents and to find them easily. All the while, health care organizations must meet strict regulations regarding information privacy and security.

How BASE Technologies Can Help

BASE Technologies has a variety of copiers, laser printers, IT solutions and document management services that can help health care companies achieve all the goals mentioned above. While our multifunction systems allow you to print, scan and send documents efficiently, our Managed Print services ensure that your printing solution meets your particular needs.

BASE Technologies also offers a series of document management solutions to help you:

  • Meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations
  • Cut down storage and labor costs
  • Make records processing and retention effortless
  • Retrieve information via patient name, ID, medical record number and other options

To learn more about how BASE Technologies can help organizations in the health care field, go to our Get Started page to contact us.