Card Readers

woman standing over copier

To a large extent, the success of your business can depend on protecting your information. With BASE Technologies’ card reader solutions, keeping your documents secure becomes much simpler. You can prevent unauthorized access to your network and track usage on your copiers and laser printers better.

How Our Card Readers Work

BASE Technologies’ card readers connect your multifunction systems to an ID badge system. When employees swipe their IDs on the reader, they gain access to the device. You can set restrictions on your systems and allow people to perform certain functions according to their job descriptions.

Our card readers enable you to:

  • Manage your printing costs better
  • See who uses your laser printers and copiers and how they use them
  • Prevent your documents from falling into the wrong hands

Additional Solutions and Services

BASE Technologies offers a variety of other document management and IT solutions to help you increase your efficiency, guard your data and get the most from your devices. For more information, click the links below:

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Business Benefits

Contact us through our Get Started page if you have questions about our card reader solutions.