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Kickstart Productivity with Quality Office Equipment Upgrades


Is it time to upgrade your office equipment? You might be there if you see a line at the printer, more costly print charges, slower workflows, and have regular printer maintenance calls.

Don't worry - upgrading your office equipment doesn't have to be stressful or challenging. It's an opportunity to build your business, add features to increase efficiency, and improve your workflows and organizational productivity.

Go Paperless with Secure Office Services Like Document Management


The office services that you invest in are important, and your team is probably ready to hit the ground running with digital solutions. If you haven't considered going completely paperless, now is the time. Paperless offices are more secure, more mobile, and more efficient than those still using hard copy or regularly going between mediums.

Top Reasons to Go Digital

There are tons of reasons to go digital, but the most important to consider include:

Get the Best Document Solutions for Your Team


Your team needs document management that works, but sometimes when you start to evaluate available options, it can become overwhelming. Don't get confused or lost in the possibilities - keep moving forward and work with the right vendor to get the document management system that will serve your employees and clients.

Managed Print Equals Better Cyber Security


Printers are unfortunately very susceptible to cyber-attacks and malicious malware. Luckily, managed print can introduce a multi-layered print security strategy to your office and help protect your data, clients, and employees.

Print infrastructure can be a major target for attacks, hacks, and breaches because it is often overlooked as a sensitive and vulnerable data source. However, managed print can protect your print environment and your entire business from a big security breach.

Pay It Forward

During these uncertain times, everyone has been faced with their own challenges. With many members of our local communities experiencing financial hardship, BASE Technologies wanted to empower our employees so they personally can make a difference. All employees received $500 that they can give to any charity, any person, or anything that has experienced hardship over the last 6 months.

Avoiding Office Equipment Issues


Many businesses in today's world know that they need to be efficient and operate in a digital, online society. With so many unknowns in the world, companies have two major concerns: budgets and sustainability. Keeping costs in order so that your business can make it through strange times is important, and ensuring that your business will stay above water no matter what situations arise next.

How Data Security Protects Your Business


Data security means establishing protocols, policies, and procedures to protect your business data from loss, hacking, unauthorized access, and other issues. Most organizations have data security processes and controls in place, and some have better systems than others. If you're wondering if now is a good time to address data security, update your systems, and find a reliable vendor partner, the answer is yes. Time to talk to Base Technologies.

How to Select Document Solutions


Document solutions sound wide-ranging, and they are - they cover all aspects of the digital environment. However, most document solutions are consistent with digital and business needs. From print management to document management, your document solutions can save money and time.

The main question is - how do you choose the right services for your business?

Not Having Managed Print Can Really Cost You


You managed business expenses closely and carefully. Each expense matters and is part of a tight budget. With any business, you need to know where your money is going. Some outsourcing services can help save money at your business and keep you running ahead full speed. Managed print is one of those critical services.

Why Buy a Copier?


Whether your business is large or small, a copier is an essential aspect of growing your company. No matter if you are just starting out or well established, you'll need to invest in the right office equipment to keep moving forward.

That's where a few specific questions come into play. Do you want to buy or lease your machine? What are the benefits of both? Who should you work with?

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