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Top Ways to Use Document Solutions


Depending on where you are in your journey to update office equipment, organization, operations, and oversight, you might be approaching the term "document solutions" with extreme curiosity or lots of questions. Don't worry - from start to finish, the team at Base Technologies has you covered no matter what step you're on to a total update.

How Managed Print Saves Your Budget


Managed print is the fix for any office budget that you can't quite get a handle on, but you don't know your monthly print costs. Why? Because print is often the culprit for unnoticed fluctuations in spending, excessive, unregulated spending, and wasted supplies and output. Print can be an expensive, waste-heavy environment. But the good news is there is a simple solution and it's managed print.

Don't Cut Out These Office Printer Essentials


Technology is getting better and better, and new features are making your office printer even more functional and highly operational than ever before.

4 Reasons to Invest in Tech Updates


Tech updates can move your office from old equipment and storage solutions into modern-day answers. What does that look like?

Read This if You Have Document Overload in Your Office


While the office has been changed a little in 2020, it's definitely time to check in with where you're at. Take a look around your physical office. Now is an excellent time to make some changes to the space before everyone is back, and while digital communication is top of mind.

7 of the Top Reasons Why You Need Managed Print


Have you ever been standing at the printer when it makes a few weird machine noises and dies? And you're expecting the important document you were bringing to the next meeting, to sell your product/service/idea. You talk to IT and maintenance, and there are no immediate solutions, so you go into the meeting unprepared, failed by the office equipment you've invested in.

6 Secrets to Choosing the Best Office Equipment


Functional office equipment is an essential need -and that's no secret. But what is, is how to make sure you get the best fleet for your office.

Why Your Business Needs to Outsource Office Services Today

Two men sitting at table talking

Office services cover a wide variety of tech support, equipment and fleet management, and office organization that can make a huge difference in how your business operates and your overall cost management and productivity strategies.

Really - major issues like budgets and strategy come into play with office services? Definitely. If your office is still scrambling to oversee data security, storage, digital transformations, or IT management, you might be behind and getting even further behind the competition every day. Time to upgrade your operations to get where you want to go.

4 Ways to Create Document Solutions that Work

Stack of documents around laptop, document solutions

Many businesses understand that document solutions must now cross the lines of hard copy and digital. That's where document management comes in - to help you organize, store, share, and create documents in a primarily digital environment while still accessing information in hard copy via an organized online system.

How Managed Print Can Help Hospitals Get Organized

Female doctor holding a stack of documents, managed print in healthcare facility concept

Hospitals are overwhelmed right now with a public health crisis going on, and it may seem like the only thing to do in the health care sector is to hunker down and pay attention to what's in front of you. While it's necessary and logical, you can't let your organization's infrastructure be ignored when you are in the midst of a surge - it will always come back to bite you.

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