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Managed Print: All About The Assessment


When managed print services start, there is an assessment upfront. This assessment covers a wide range of aspects of your printers, and it ends with recommendations for making your printer fleet better and stronger.

Are You Protecting Your Copier?


The copier in the office gets a real workout on a typical day. That's why it should be included in all security measures so that the data that goes to and from the machine isn't compromised.

Why Is Cybersecurity So Important When Working Remotely?


The convenience of working from remote locations has made remote working more popular than ever. Between national emergencies and local circumstances, the push to work from home is strong, so the push to do it safely must be strong as well. Cybersecurity and other types of data security and IT solutions are vital to today's working style.

How Document Management Benefits Your Law Firm


The need for security envelopes every area of a business and that includes the printers. If you have ever worried about document security in your law firm, don't forget that the printers use data streams just like the network's computers do. That makes the printer fleet one of the main places that need attention to keep them secure.

What Should I Look For In A Managed Print Service?


Managed print services are available from a variety of providers, so how do you choose the best one for your business? There are a few questions that you can ask a potential provider to get the information you really need to make the best choice.

Is There a Difference Between Leasing and Renting Office Equipment?


There is so much office equipment needed in the average office that it can often make good financial sense to rent or lease some of the needed equipment. This eliminates the need to come up with a great deal of money all at once, and it allows for a steady monthly budget.

Which Documents Should You Be Storing in the Cloud?


The cloud is a safe and effective storage solution that is used for storing many different types of files. This storage system uses online storage to access any digital documents that you have put there. There are some types of documents that most need the cloud.


How Can a Document Management System Benefit Healthcare?


In the healthcare industry, it's all about patient medical records. The way they are dealt with within a healthcare practice can make an enormous difference to patients. A good practice must have a good document management system.

Managed Print Services Can Protect Your Printer


Ever since computers first came into existence, they have been vulnerable to being hacked. Many people do not realize that printers are actually one of the most vulnerable parts of an office. Modern printers have touch screens, use the internet, and can be programmed to do amazing things.

Sadly, these smart features also make the printer vulnerable to being hacked. This means that private information is at risk even when it is sent back and forth across printers.

What's the Real Difference Between Lamp Projectors vs. Laser Projectors?


The use of projectors can be extremely helpful during a meeting or presentation. However, choosing a type can be difficult. Here's what you need to know about both lamp and laser projectors.

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