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Your Data and the Cloud

Cloud Solutions

It's impossible to have a discussion about the cloud without also talking about security. Some business owners favor on-site data storage, believing it to be more secure. Others see on-site storage as a security risk they're not willing to take, opting instead for cloud storage as a more secure document solution.

Managed Print and Healthcare: A Perfect Match

Managed Print

The careful management of documents and the information they contain is essential for all enterprises, but none more so than the healthcare industry.

From privacy issues to the attention to detail required to keep patient health records current, the stakes are very high indeed.

Home Sweet Home Office

Office Equipment

Are you one of the millions of self-employed or mobile employees working from a home office? If so, are you doing everything you can to make your work-from-home experience as rewarding as possible? While there are obvious benefits (like no stressful commutes and no line at the office copier), we submit that those who work from home deserve an office space that's, well, worth coming home to!

Your Awesome Office

Here are just a few tips to take your home office from ho-hum to exceptional.

We Are Live!

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of our new and improved WEBSITE! Our new website is loaded with helpful features for current and soon-to-be customers, all of which will better your experience with us. 

Big Data and Learning Styles

Office Services

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally figured out that not everyone learns in the same way. While some people enjoy reading manuals, there are others who turn stone cold brain-dead at the very thought. For businesses who want to get the most from their employees, there's a new and efficient way to find out just how each of them learns.

Improve How You Manage Your Information

Document Solutions

If you suddenly heard news of a workflow solution that could conceivably save your organization thousands of dollars in just one year, would you want to hear more? Fortunately for your organization, a solution not only exists, but it's also well within your reach.

First, the Problem

According to statistics compiled by International Data Corporation, many organizations are wasting thousands of hours searching for, analyzing, recreating, managing, and storing their documents.

Managed Print & the Healthcare Industry

Managed Print

From an increased focus on security and forms processing to strict HIPPA compliance regulations, the healthcare industry requires 24/7, enterprise-wide device support. Without a comprehensive Managed Print solution, this can be difficult to achieve.

Base Technologies can work with your healthcare enterprise to maintain security while streamlining workflows across your organization. Here are just a few of the many advantages:

Stretch Your Budget with Refurbished Office Equipment

Office Equipment

Taking advantage of new office equipment technologies is a good way to improve staff productivity. Aging equipment often doesn't include the latest features, and too-frequent breakdowns can cause frustration and impede progress. The reality of budgetary constraints, however, can make it difficult to get the office equipment you need.

Protecting Your Customers' Information

Office Services

While we're all well aware of recent high-profile security breaches, Target being among the worst, many small to medium businesses (SMBs) aren't aware that they're just as vulnerable. In fact, cyber attackers are deliberately targeting SMBs, successfully walking away with customer information, trade secrets, and financial data. It's vital that organizations take steps to protect themselves from data breaches.

The basic precautions outlined below can help your company avoid becoming a hacker's next victim.

A Brief Look at BYOK

Document Solutions

The cloud. Just a few short years ago we were all saying, "The what?" Now many businesses can't imagine day-to-day operations without it, especially when it comes to document solutions.

Even so, many companies cite security as their top reason for holding back. For this reason, some organizations are hoping to add another layer of security by encrypting their own data. They're also implementing something called BYOK, or Bring Your Own Key, which entails local ownership and control of the data encryption key. Here we'll take a brief look at the BYOK idea.

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