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Basic Maintenance for Office Equipment

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Office equipment is not a 'set it and forget it' product in your office. You invest in the equipment you buy, so you need to ensure that it is protected, maintained, and used appropriately. A few simple steps and working with a reliable vendor can make a big difference in extending the life of your machines.

Data Security through Office Services

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Security is one office function that has gone from important to critical, based on the number of risks and the amount of data you could lose with a breach.

Luckily, your office security can benefit from oversight from a professional team of experts when you consider office services.

3 Key Questions for Selecting Document Solutions

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What are your business goals for 2021? Have you made progress toward those goals? It's hard to stay focused as the year progresses, and especially with so much uncertainty. However, if you have goals like organizing your files, going digital, or streamlining workflow systems, it can be much easier than you think to make major changes.

The first stop is document solutions, like document management. How can the service help you? If you're interested in converting data to digital documents, establishing organized systems, and elevating collaboration and communication, considering document solutions will be a great idea for your business strategy.

Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

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Here's an important business manager question: Are you sure that your company is responsibly managing print? It's okay if you're not sure - most businesses are not aware that up to 3% of their operating costs could be going to their print environment. That's a huge chunk!

If you're not totally sure that your print has the proper oversight, or if you're curious about what else you could do to cut costs, managed print services are a great consideration.

Rent or Lease Office Equipment?

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If you're ready to upgrade your office equipment, you may automatically think it's time to buy whatever you need from the closest retailer and call it good. Not quite! There are so many more options when you work with a team like Base Technologies. Don't short your team from securing the payment style, contract, machine, and features you need with the right option for your office equipment.

How Cloud Services Build Your Business

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Business is built on adapting to change, and your company has probably seen plenty of change lately. But, there's always a positive side. This might be that new opportunities are available for your company to invest in cloud services to build business beyond what you thought capable before. How do those things connect, you may wonder? Read on.

Get Started with Document Management

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Your office and employees are probably more than ready to get back in the groove as they head back to work. There are many ways to create a better office environment for everyone to come back to, but the most notable is setting your digital office up for success.

What's the best way to do that? With document management systems from a trusted vendor like Base Technologies. Document management will help you streamline your digital workflows, organize your files in the cloud, and set up collaboration and communication workflows that optimize your in-office or work from anywhere office operations.

The Case for Managed Print

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Managed print is a comprehensive office management tool that will boost your business into a productivity realm you haven't seen before. Okay, that may sound like quite the claim, but it's true. Read on to learn why.


Upgrading? Consider Refurbished Office Equipment This Time

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Having the right office equipment is a critical part of ensuring your business is functional and optimized for growth. However, when you're upgrading, it's often a big investment upfront, and you may not always have the funds you'd like. Luckily, there are excellent options for machines that are professionally refurbished and come from the same reliable vendors with excellent support and maintenance agreements.


Security and Managed IT Services Go Hand in Hand

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Staying on top of your company's cybersecurity is not an easy task. With risks, threats, and vulnerabilities constantly changing and impacting your access, it's a huge challenge to keep your business data protected, while also staying on top of all of your internal IT management projects.
That's exactly the place where managed IT services and security come together. To support your business while proactively managing your cybersecurity, managed IT services is the answer that makes sense.

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