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Do you need a Service Contract for a Copier

Is it necessary to have a service agreement when buying/leasing a copier?

What is the best way for my Home Employees to Print and Scan?

Businesses worldwide have transitioned to remote workforces due to the corona virus outbreak. COVID 19 took the world by storm, quickly causing companies and organizations to react without warning. Employees were sent home to do work as the world shut down around us. Running to office supply stores like staples to be able to have access to be able to print from home.

How can AP/AR document work flow enhancements improve cash flow

What document work-flow automation solutions are available to help streamline our AP/AR departments document processing?

How Much Should My Copier Cost?

This is an excellent question that is asked by every potential buyer. It is so open ended, however, that you should be prepared to work closely with a good consultant to help you to define exactly what your business needs are before you can arrive at a reasonable answer.

Planning Ahead for Better Office Equipment Investments

Yellow sticky note on a calendar that says plan ahead

Investing in office equipment is a major undertaking, and you need to get it right - sometimes the investment can last 10 years or more, and they are expensive. Working with a trusted, reliable vendor is one key way to make sure that your office equipment meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, and you also want to take a few planning steps to ensure your machines work well in your office setting. Read on for the planning info.

Where can I Buy/Lease a Copier in Connecticut

Buying or leasing a copier in Connecticut can be very easy. Knowing what you are looking for can help guide you. There are 3 places to go to:

 1) Big Box Stores

 2) Direct Manufacturers

 3) Independent Dealers

3 Reasons Managed IT Services Improve Tech Strategy

Red wooden figurine standing up in the middle of fallen tan figurines.

Building a competitive edge in the digital economy has been a challenge before, but even now more than ever in the post-Covid work world. Why? Because businesses with convenient digital strategies are surging, and at the same time, hackers are taking advantage of security vulnerabilities and holes created by a patchwork of technology oversight.

4 Tips to Help HR Departments Get Document Management Right

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Businesses are constantly changing, adapting, and modifying operations to streamline workflows and grow the business effectively. From front office to legal, HR to operations, your teams may need advanced tools to support your growth, and investigating key new technologies is the place to start.

Document management is a system that digitizes your office workflows and creates an organized system of scanning, uploading, saving, and searching critical files. This can benefit your entire office, especially your HR department - an essential but sometimes overlooked aspect of your business. We'll dive into how document management helps HR and how to set up a system that works.

What Else Does Managed Print Do?

Business concept growth success process, Close up Woman hand arranging wood block stacking as step stair on paper blue background

Managed print services are a highly functional method for offices to oversee print output, supply, maintenance, and more. But, managed print has become even more in recent years, as employers have found new ways that the technology can support business growth and operational savings.

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