Your Print Management Questions Answered

Managed print is making waves across the business world because it's not just the simple service it sounds like. Managed print is a comprehensive print oversight service that will help you to manage supplies, costs, print fleet, output, policies, print data, and more.

Print management can save you a ton of money, but it's a service that sometimes brings up additional questions. What exactly does it do? How does print management oversee costs? Why do I need the service? These questions make sense. Here is a breakdown on how managed print works.

The Basics

Here is the basic description of managed print: Print management oversees print processes to streamline workflows and save money. Print management can save your business up to 30% in print costs. Managed print involves a few key aspects to overseeing print to save your business money. Here are aspects of the service that add up to savings:

  • Streamlining workflows
  • Encouraging employee productivity
  • Reducing wasteful print
  • Ordering, storing, and managing supplies efficiently
  • Understanding print information through data audits
  • Cutting back on excess machines or printing
  • Overseeing the operations and maintenance of the print fleet

Why Print Management Builds up Business

These key aspects help to build your business with savings, productivity improvements, streamlined workflows, and more. Managed print builds business by:

  • Encouraging employee efficiency
  • Overseeing print to manage costs closely
  • Streamlining workflows and encouraging productivity
  • Realistically understanding and managing the print fleet
  • Building a reliable print budget that you can plan for
  • Cutting waste across all printers, supplies, and locations
  • Finding notable savings in the print environment

Where to Start 

Okay, managed print makes sense, and it sounds like a great business boost and money saver. How do you get started? Reach out to a local provider to learn more about managed print.