Is Your Data Secure 24/7?

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Storing your information may be easier than ever, but be careful not to assume you're 100% covered when it comes to data security. Consolidating your company's data to the cloud doesn't necessarily mean there isn't more to do. Read on to learn more.

The Risks

Is your data safe when migrating to the cloud? If you're planning a move to cloud services, now is a good time to beef up data security throughout your organization. You owe it to your business, your employees, and your customers to make data security a top priority every single day. Begin by asking some fundamental questions:

  1. Is all of your data encrypted or have you focused on the minimum as required by compliance laws? For example, the law may not require you to encrypt the data surrounding an emerging project idea, but do you want your competitor to see it?
  2. Do you have an all-or-nothing approach to data security? Can you turn off specific data streams or fields to keep sensitive information away from unauthorized users within your organization?
  3. Is your data encrypted while it's moving, or just when it's at rest? Both are critical.
  4. Have you identified and addressed possible security vulnerabilities created by your multifunction printers? Hackers can use your MFPs as portals to access your network.

The Solutions

There's no question you'd rather focus on your company's core business objectives than on data security. At BASE Technologies, we provide robust solutions and office services to help you meet both goals at once. From Workflow Optimization to Cloud Services and Managed Print, help is at hand through our suite of office services and technologies.

To learn more about the business benefits and data security provided by the BASE Technologies' state-of-the-art office services, get in touch with our professional staff today!