Why Managed Print May Be a Solution for Your Business

printer in use

The use of the printer is one of the many sounds that every office knows. Things have to be printed frequently in virtually every office, but that process can be made better for the company, the employees and its customers.

Assessing Your Printers

Do you have enough printers for your entire office? How many machines do you have that have a printing function? The first step in getting managed print services is getting a managed print audit of your printing capabilities. There may be redundant machines, ones that don't work well, outdated technologies, etc. At the end of your assessment, you'll be able to make a plan for the machines you want to use and exactly which capabilities each of them have. Then, you can decide whether to upgrade one or more of them, reduce the number of machines or leave them as-is.

Setting Up Your Security

A big part of managed print services is the use of various security features to keep the company's data secure. Most employees know how important encryption is for the computer system, but many don't think about the stream of data being sent to the company's printers. To keep data safe, this has to be encrypted as well. Security features can also be used to restrict access to the printer to only those who need it. The printing task can also be set up to keep the printed pages inside the machine until they are picked up, keeping them safe from anyone who would see them left in the print tray.

Maintaining the Machines

Like every other type of business machine, printers need regular maintenance to keep them working well. They need to be checked for problems regularly, and small repairs may need to be made so that the small problems don't turn into big ones. Printers and multifunction machines are monitored for problems, and they will not have downtime due to being out of ink or paper. All of these maintenance tasks are taken care of so that your employees won't have to take on additional responsibilities that dilute their primary job functions.

If you're ready for a print audit and to begin with managed print, contact us today.