Why Managed Print and Higher Education Go Hand In Hand


If there's one thing that never changes on college campuses, it may be the need for documents. Professors, assistants, students, and others all have numerous documents they must handle daily to keep up with the coursework. However, there are now many ways to import data without using hard copies. To keep print costs as low as possible, managed print services can be used to keep track of the process. 

Mobile Connectivity

Printers have been important on college campuses for decades, and today is no different. However, the common ways to get documents printed is changing. Mobile printing is one of the easiest ways for many people to print what they need to and to get it done quickly. When you have easy compatibility between the office machines and mobile devices, as well as with cloud services, that connectivity means things can get done in far less time than before.

Effective Use of Time and Equipment

The days when professors had to go from office to office using a printer, copier, a fax machine, a scanner, and other devices, is long gone. Today's multifunction printers do a wide range of office functions, all from one compact machine. This allows for people to get their tasks done much faster and without going from room to room and machine to machine. This makes everyone in the office more efficient, saving work hours and allowing them to be better able to meet deadlines. 

Cutting Out Waste to Lower Costs

One reason that so many colleges and universities have exorbitant print costs is that some of the materials are being wasted. In today's digital climate, it is not always necessary to print out pages for students to take with them. Managed print services will allow for the tallying of printouts made so that excess supplies being used can be noticed and ended. When the staff is asked to cut down on nonessential printing and told that their use of the machines would be monitored, they will generally think again before they make a large print run that isn't needed.

If you were university could use managed print services to cut costs and enable faster use of equipment, contact us today to find out more.