Why Buy a Copier?


Whether your business is large or small, a copier is an essential aspect of growing your company. No matter if you are just starting out or well established, you'll need to invest in the right office equipment to keep moving forward.

That's where a few specific questions come into play. Do you want to buy or lease your machine? What are the benefits of both? Who should you work with?

At Base Technologies, we've got you covered for office equipment, purchasing or leasing support, and any questions you might have in-between.

Buy Vs. Lease

Let's start here - should you buy or lease your copier? We'll break it down a bit.

Buying is best if you have a little cash on hand, don't want a monthly payment, and think you'll stick with the same equipment for a while. Buying may not work if you expect to grow or change your business size/style quickly or are unsure what you'll need quite yet.

Leasing is a good option if you want to start slowly, don't mind paying just a little bit each month, and appreciate the support of a contract with regular service agreements and the option to change your machine when your contract is up. Leasing may not work if the monthly payment is a stressor or if a contract won't work with your business plan.

Buying Benefits the Business

Buying makes the most sense because you can have the machine you need as an investment, not a temporary piece of office equipment. Talk with the team at Base Inc. to learn more about why buying may be a better choice for your business.

Start Here

Either way, you want to work with a reliable vendor partner, get the best price for the equipment you buy, and invest in a machine that addresses your needs. Talk to Base Technologies today.