Which Cloud Services Best Fit Your Business?


It would be challenging to dispute just how useful the cloud is for storage and backing up files. However, using cloud services for a backup and using it as file storage or two different things. Here's what you need to know about what each of these office services is and which one of them you may need for your company's files.

Cloud Storage

You may have heard a lot about cloud storage and how helpful it can be to companies of every size. This type of storage is used by taking the files that are needed and transferring them via the Internet to a third-party who will store them. This can be very helpful for storing large amounts of data that would otherwise hamper your computer system with all the storage needed. With this office service, your company will not have to worry about storage space or get rid of older files to create and keep new ones.

Cloud Backup

A company network full of important data can benefit from being backed up with the clown. This process sends copies of the information in your computer network to an offsite server. This offsite backup keeps the information held off-site up-to-date and ready in case there is some disaster in around your company.

Choosing Cloud Services

You may already know your company needs to use the cloud to keep its important files safe. However, choosing between these two cloud solutions depends on precisely what your office needs from its file storage. If the problem is only not having enough storage space, cloud storage can make a world of difference. If you are concerned about natural disasters taking out your computer network, a cloud backup may be the best choice for your business.

If you are interested in either cloud storage or cloud backup or would like to know about IT solutions or network supportcontact us today to find out more about the various services we offer and how they can benefit you. Don't wait and leave your data vulnerable to unnecessary losses.