Where to Begin When Implementing Your BYOD Policy

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When considering your data security plan, it's critical to add a mobile device policy. Any device with online capabilities poses a potential security risk to your network. A mobile device policy that is easy for employees to understand and implement will achieve the highest level of buy-in and success.

Top Considerations

Policies vary based on the type of strategy your business deploys. Whether employees use their personally-owned device or are provided one by your company can help determine at least part of your document management strategy. Here are some best practices suggested by experts:

1. Incident response: Smartphones are stolen at a rate of over 1 million each year, according to the FCC. For companies with more than a few employees, the likelihood that a phone will fall into the hands of a thief is relatively high. Restaurants, bars, and the workplace rank as the top three places where a smartphone is likely to go missing. With statistics like that, it's imperative to have a strategy in place that includes remote locking capabilities, wiping or an auto-kill switch to protect your data.

2. Passcodes and authentications: Some smartphones now include two-step authentication, including passcodes and biometrics like thumbprint scanning. Authentication is one of the most effective means for keeping unauthorized users from gaining access and should be a central part of any mobile data security policy.

3. Apps: It's in your best interest as an employer to stay on top of the latest apps and blacklist those most likely to cause problems.

4. Consequences: Any effective mobile device policy must include signed agreements that outline consequences when employees fail to comply.

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