What Should I Look For In A Managed Print Service?


Managed print services are available from a variety of providers, so how do you choose the best one for your business? There are a few questions that you can ask a potential provider to get the information you really need to make the best choice.

The Proactive Touch

Some managed print providers are reactionary - they respond after there is a problem with the equipment or the machines have run out of ink, paper, or toner. What you need is one that is proactive instead. This means that they will take the initiative to provide maintenance service to the machines to keep them in good repair. They will also monitor the machines and order new ink and other supplies when they will soon be needed. This is a great way to avoid having any downtime with your printer fleet.

Custom Pricing

No company has exactly the same printer fleet as any other. That's why the service you get, and the pricing, should be customized to your business. A flat-rate for everyone could mean you're paying for machines that you don't even have. A customized quote takes into account exactly the number of printers you have and how much you will need in supplies. Your provider should be able to build a custom price quote that would be the best price for your company.

Replacing the Fleet

When a printer gets regular maintenance, it can last for many years. However, there is an eventual end to the life of all printers. If you have one or more printers in your fleet that are beyond repair, will the managed print service replace them? Can they service machines that could be used longer? If a managed print provider is able to both make repairs and replace printers that go out, it will save everyone in your company a lot of hassle.

If you are ready to find a managed print provider that will customize their services to your business, contact us today. We are ready to assess your business and give you a quote that will keep your print costs under control.