Top 4 Reasons Why Managed Print is on Your 2021 To-Do List


Printing and the overall cost of your print environment can be extremely taxing on your company budget. Printing costs can take over almost 20% of your budget without even realizing the impact sometimes.

In order to cut back on excessive spending and get a handle on your print budget, managed print services will help you with print oversight, cost management, fleet management, and supply ordering. Managed print will save you significantly on print, and also the service can make your print budget consistent so you are never surprised by a big print bill.

Efficient Business Practices

If major savings isn't enough of a reason to make the switch to managed print today, we've got a few more things to share. Here are the top four reasons why managed print should be the next service you outsource in your business.

  1. Cost Savings Okay, sure, we mentioned this already but it really is the biggest benefit of managed print. Who doesn't like to save money?
  2. Use print data to optimize print use and output By completing a print audit for your manage print services, you will make data-driven solutions and shift your print environment to be less wasteful and more efficient.
  3. Workflow optimization Let your employees get back to their actual jobs instead of troubleshooting the printer, ordering supplies, helping change the toner, etc. Managed print will do it for you.
  4. Overall office functionality and productivity

The top reason businesses invest in managed print is for the functional operations, the streamlined system, the savings (of course), and the employee productivity.

Optimize Costs and Efficiency

Make this the year you take advantage of your office equipment investments and really get your money's worth in an efficient work environment.

Let's Go

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