Reducing Your Print Budget: Simplified


No one in management wants to spend more on supplies and services that are needed. To keep your company's costs as low as possible, reducing print costs is a great way to keep all of the convenience of office equipment while paying less for the use of them.

Stocking Printer Supplies

Much of the cost associated with printing is for paper, ink, and toner. The office continually needs all of these supplies for multiple machines. If your office can reduce the amount of printing they do, and the machines in use are efficient, modern designs, you will pay less for printing overall. If much printing still needs to be done, teaching employees to print double-sided and to default to black-and-white mode are also helpful in keeping costs lower.

Assessing the Machines

If you have older printers in your printer fleet, they should be identified and removed from use. Older models use more ink and toner; they generate more heat, they require more power to run, and they are slower than newer designs. Upgrading to energy-efficient office equipment will allow for less power use and a higher level of productivity for workers who no longer have to wait for slow printing to finish

Digital Document Storage

In many cases, printing the documents doesn't have to be done. Instead of creating printouts to distribute at meetings, attach a document in a digital format. Managed print services keep track of which employees are printing and how many pages they are using. If any of them have printed excessively, you'll be able to show them the concrete numbers and ask that they think twice before printing out documents in the future. Getting the office used to digital management of documents means fewer hard copies that need printing supplies to be created.

If your office needs office equipment that is up and running for any need, contact us today to find out about the latest office equipment on the market. It may be time for your office to upgrade to better, more efficient machines to boost productivity.