Protect Your Data With Managed Document Solutions

protect data

The onslaught of devastating data breaches has many business leaders wondering where to turn for help. Are you one of the thousands searching for document solutions that can help automate your workflows while also keeping your data safe? If so, read on to learn more.

A Holistic Approach

So many business owners learn the hard way that it's not enough to transition from paper to digital processes. A holistic approach includes document solutions that address both your workflows and your data security issues.

Automate Your Workflows

A document management solution helps control information from the moment it enters your organization. A document's life cycle begins by scanning and then automatically routing the information to its intended destination. Email notifications inform recipients of the document's arrival so they can respond if necessary. Automation connects activities in sequence to create workflows that save time, reduce errors and omissions, and bring projects to completion much faster than traditional methods.

Secure Your Data

Transitioning to digital documents is not without its challenges, and business leaders who overlook security are asking for trouble. Managed document solutions address security both as information enters your workflows and during the sharing and storage processes.

  • Data encryption during the scanning process keeps cybercriminals from hacking into your multifunction printers and ultimately, your network.
  • Misdelivery is a serious issue, especially when a document includes protected data. Automatic document routing eliminates the human-error factor and gets sensitive information to the correct recipient every time.
  • Data backup and recovery via cloud-based document solutions ensures that your business can recover if a catastrophic disaster or accident causes data loss.
  • Version controls and audit trails keep track of changes and improve project collaboration.

To find out more ways managed document solutions can improve your workflows and protect your data, contact us at BASE Technologies today!