A Printer and Copier is Just the Beginning

printer in use

Having a printer and copier in place is an important step in outfitting an office. These are essential business machines that virtually everyone in the office will need to use. However, simply supplying the machines isn't enough to keep workflows moving.

Maintaining the Machines

Both of these machines need to be maintained, and both need to be regularly stocked with supplies in order to keep them going. However, there is rarely someone on staff who can spend their time taking care of them. Many companies resort to getting their IT department to take care of printers and copiers, but this only takes them away from their more important functions in taking care of the computer network. This makes it far more logical and cost effective to hire a third party to take on this maintenance. With regular print management in place, any problems with these machines won't get too far gone.

Machine Repairs

If your business doesn't have managed print services, any repairs for a printer or copier would have to be paid for in full in order to get just one machine fixed one time. This is a far higher cost then if you already had print management services in place. With that plan, repairs can be caught earlier and not end up being the large, expensive repairs they would otherwise develop. And, the repair visit will cost less, as it's a part of the print contract.

Trained Pros

While your IT department could spend some of their time learning about various printer and copier models, figuring out how to fix them and keeping them maintained, it's also possible that this could backfire because of the many makes and models of these machines. When you contract with pros who are trained in each of the copiers and printers available, your technician will know just how to fix it and will carry the right tools for the job.

If you need your printer or copier to be maintained, or are looking to get a printer or copier for your office, contact us to get started.