Optimizing Unique Print Options with Document Solutions

printer in use

Depending on your business, you might only need black and white ink and paper to meet your print needs. But what if you are in an industry that requires wide-format options, color print, and various styles of media to get the job done? Document solutions can ensure that you have the most efficient equipment at the best prices available to help your produce top-of-the-line print projects.

Perfect Print for Your Needs

While the majority of print users focus on the most widely used print material — plain paper — the sky is the limit when it comes to print media. Today’s modern printers can handle much more than just standard paper. And, the more creative the industry, the bigger the need for unique paper types and other surfaces to print on.

When you optimize document solutions, you never have to worry about whether or not you multifunction device can handle what you throw at it. Whether you need to print a 10-foot banner or a small invitation on a unique surface such as fabric, we can make sure that you have the proper printer to produce the best quality product.

Paper, Labels, and So Much More

Here are just some of the different print options available:

  • Besides paper, adhesive labels are the second most popular option in offices around the world. Moreover, we are not just talking about mailing labels; it can be name tags, price tags, product labels, craft supplies, promo pieces, and more

  • Card stock is popular for its thickness and durability. It is perfect for cards and invitations. Any paper between 50 and 110 pounds per square meter is considered card stock — think between paper and paper board.

  • Magnets are a fun and practical way to create souvenirs and marketing materials. Did you know that many wide format printers can handle printing hundred of magnets? Perfect for your next trade show or promotion.

Aluminum and wood can create high-end custom print pieces. Aluminum produces an interesting visual, perfect for contemporary art, while wood veneer can often sub for card stock. Wood veneer is a light and durable way to make a memorable business card or menus!

  • Vinyl is a perfect synthetic surface for creating outdoor signs, banner, or any other durable, weather-resistant pieces. And, not only is it sturdy, but it is also quite inexpensive. Don’t see the material you want to print on listed here? Please contact one of our document solution experts to discover the perfect print device for your specific jobs.