Mobility and SMBs: A Perfect Match

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As a small business owner, you take advantage of every opportunity to promote growth while also lowering costs. Cloud and mobile technologies both fall into these categories. Here's why you'll want to take advantage of these trends.

The Benefits of Mobility

The growing rise of the mobile workforce is great news for start-ups and SMBs, and companies who implement strategies to promote mobility can expect to be well ahead of their competitors.

Experts predict that the majority of U.S. workers will be working away from the office by 2020. The benefits to small businesses are overwhelmingly positive:

  • Improved productivity — Because there's no need to be tied to the office, mobile employees can work from any location and are not limited by 9-5 office hours.
  • Lower costs — Mobile workers keep their own hours, and their office is any location with an internet connection. With fewer staff members on site, SMBs can save on office space, furnishings, and supplies.
  • Fewer absences — Research has shown that mobile workers are less likely to miss work due to illness or outside commitments.
  • Talented employees — Mobility means your company can look outside of your geographic area for the best talent.

Getting Started

Your decision to implement a mobile strategy must be accompanied by office equipment and services designed to assist your remote workforce.

  1. A mobile print strategy gives remote workers access to printing. Look for a solution that includes robust print security strategies, out-of-the-box functionality, and remote scanning capabilities.

  2. Smart office equipment can help your SMB improve the productivity of your mobile and on-site workforce.

  3. A document management system gives your mobile workers secure access to your documents from any location.

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