Managed Print Questions Answered

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Managed print is a functional way to get ahead of your print budget and your office operations. If you are looking to build efficiencies, save money, and increase productivity in 2021, managed print is the number one kickstart to get you there.

Wondering more about managed print? Base Technologies has you covered. Read on here.

The Basics

Managed print is a service that supports your print environment with streamlined supply ordering, printer fleet management, and maintenance agreements. Even more, managed print will complete a print audit and set a regular monthly budget so you can remove any print inefficiencies, wasteful printing, or excessive machines in order to keep your regular, set budget and make your print environment manageable and cost-effective.

Q&A for Any Company

Many companies have questions about managed print, so we broke it down with a Q&A for you.

Question: Is managed print expensive?

Answer: Managed print has a start-up cost, like any service. However, it's easy to see the benefits and savings from managed print, which more than pay for the service over time.

Question: Will managed print make our print budget predictable?

Answer: This is a great benefit of managed print. Your print budget will be reliable month to month, eliminating surprise print costs and spending.

Question: How does managed print help employees and productivity?

Answer: Managed print removes the troubleshooting and time spent on tedious tasks while making your print environment functional and continuously operational. This helps your teams to build productivity, stay on task, and complete jobs quickly.

Getting Started with Managed Print

Managed print will help you build your business and keep costs under control. Make the move today with Base Technologies.