Managed Print Benefits for Your Business (No Matter What Size!)


Managed print services may seem like something that would only benefit huge companies, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The use of these services can help companies of virtually every size in many ways, saving them money and helping them to be more efficient.

Assessing Your Machines

The fleet of printers in the office, even if it's only a few, can be dragged down if the efficiency of one isn't working well. The initial assessment of the printers in the office will inform you about any printers that should be replaced. If a printer is older, it will almost certainly be slower. If a printer has had a lot of problems and needs repairs regularly, it may be more cost-effective to replace it with a newer model. This assessment saves the company money in the long run by ensuring that all machines are in good repair and are fast enough to keep productivity high.

Monitoring Printing Behaviors

Part of the monitoring of the printers is a tally of who is using the printers and how much they use them. Each employee is given their code so that this data is easy to track and assess. If your company is very small, it may be challenging to confront a worker about the overuse of the printer because harmony in the office is always sought. However, with an assessment that shows you the hard data, it's far easier to show the numbers to an employee and let them know that the printers are being used too often.

Keeping the Printers Running

One way that managed print services save you money is by maintaining the printers through regular monitoring and scheduled maintenance. This allows for any problems with the machines to be found early before they become large and expensive to fix. Regular maintenance can allow the printers to run faster and to stay in your printer fleet longer. This saves the company money on repairs and replacements, and it keeps office efficiency higher.

If your business could use lower printing costs, contact us today about our managed print services, and find out what they can do for your company.