Improve HR Processes with Robust Document Management Solutions

document solutions

Electronic document solutions can streamline HR processes for your organization, reducing the time employees spend copying, filing, and moving around paper documents. Here are just a few ways the latest document solutions and document management can save your HR team time and money.

Streamlined onboarding for new employees. New employee onboarding processes are complicated, requiring a steady flow of documentation from the initial application to the first day of work and beyond. If electronic document solutions are in place and well established in the company HR department, bringing new employees on board is a lot less time-consuming and expensive.

Updating employee files. Adding new employee documentation has its challenges, but the process doesn't end there; it continues throughout the employee's term of service and into the retirement years. As employees seek to add family members to insurance plans, schedule vacation days, or change W-4 forms, the most accurate method is an electronic document management solution. With fewer concerns about lost information, process errors or security, document management solutions are a vast improvement over paper-based systems.

Faster access to HR documents. With no need to make phone calls or send emails, employees can access crucial HR information themselves the moment they need it. Human resources departments can spend less time fulfilling records requests and more time on other essential duties.

Retaining information. Document retention in a paper-based system requires constant vigilance, and some documents fall under compliance regulations. Instead of paying HR employees to copy, file, track, and then shred paper records when they're no longer required, document management solutions can automate the entire process for you.

Working with a professional document solutions provider is the best way to get your document management strategy off the ground. Get in touch with us at BASE Technologies to find out more today