How Managed Print Does More than Order Supplies

Office supplies

Managed print in today's office has made some significant leaps from where the service started. Originally created as a helpful boost to oversee some aspects of print (supplies, maintenance), managed print services now provide a comprehensive tool for your company to save on print and find productivity savings across the office.

How do updated managed print services offer more for your business? Check it out below.

Strategy and Security

Building a print strategy is a critical - and often overlooked - aspect of print management. Not with the right vendor! Your skilled team at Base Technologies will integrate current print data, print equipment, and supply/budget info into a strategic process to build the kind of overall print strategy you need to continue saving and using your print environment to your benefit.

Also integrated in that solution is print security. The threats are bigger than ever before, and identifying print security issues - from network to complex password protection - is key for protecting your office and business data from threats.

Office Optimization and Savings

In addition to key attributes like strategy and security, your print services will also help optimize equipment use around your office and find savings in supply ordering, type, use, and delivery. The service is miles ahead of where it was a few years ago, as it provides comprehensive savings and strategy across your print environment. This means it's an evergreen service - you'll never drop off of your unique print savings plan.

Today's Managed Print Makes a Big Difference

Managed print in today's office can have a big impact on your print oversight, budget savings, and office productivity. Get the solutions you need to stand out from the crowd and get ahead. Talk to Base Technologies to get started.