Get Your Print Spending on Track for 2019

business people looking at expense sheet on computer

You might think you have a handle on your current print costs, but do you really know how much you are spending monthly or annually? It is pretty typical for businesses to have a variety of MFPs and printers or copies from a supply partner, while they acquire their supplies, like paper. But in this scenario, who is auditing your print activity? Are you tracking how many pages you printer per month or you cost-per-page?

Simply working with a vendor for your print devices is not enough, you need a partner who can help you assess your costs, reduce spending, increase productivity, and manage your overall print program. In essence, you need managed print services.

Getting Started with Managed Print

While the definition of managed print can vary, simply put, it is essentially a suite of services intended to optimize your company’s document productivity. MPS includes a print audit, equipment assessment, and service and maintenance review to get started. Once we have an overall view of your print landscape, we can help implement changes to save you money and enhance efficiency.

Revealing Hidden Costs and Needs

Sure, there are lots of great things about managed print services, but saving money is by far the most significant benefit. Most businesses approach their print scheme on an as-needed basis. The main multifunction printer runs of out ink, you buy more, often paying extra for expedited service and shipping. But what if someone could anticipate your ink needs, ensure you have ink before you run out, and provide it at the lowest cost? If that sounds like a good deal, consider that with MPS, you can get all of that and more.

In addition to anticipating supply needs, we can also help with printer management, monitoring your devices to ensure they are up and running and providing periodic service and maintenance. Not only does this mean you have fewer things to worry about, but it also ensures that you are paying the lowest amount for service and repairs and don’t have to stress over device downtime.

Managed print services are a necessity to keep you on track and under budget. Find out how to get started with a print audit.