Ensure Your Copiers are HIPAA Compliant


In a digital world, keeping information secure requires a proactive approach. For businesses who need to follow HIPAA law, there can be a lot to consider, including how each piece of technology may expose sensitive patient information to being seen by the wrong people. Having a plan for document solutions that includes HIPAA compliance is the best way to make sure you don't expose sensitive documents and information to any risk. When you have a complete plan that includes computers, copiers, printers, and any other devices that might include a hard drive, it is easier to identify any areas that pose a risk and find solutions to make sure they stay protected.

Take Steps to Keep Sensitive Information Protected

Some policies you can enforce in the office that will help to keep patient information safe include:

  • Employees should stay at the copier while making copies or scanning sensitive patient information. This limits the chance of someone walking by and picking up the papers, reading the information or taking photos of them.
  • Each person should have a unique password or access code that allows them access to the copier. This creates a record of all actions taken and everyone who accessed the hard drive within the copier.
  • Any documents that are sent to the copier or printer are temporarily stored on the hard drive within the machine and can remain in place longer than you realize. Encrypting this hard drive makes it harder for hackers to get to these files, and makes the data within them difficult or impossible to use. In addition to encrypting the files, any files stored on the hard drive should be deleted periodically so they aren't kept where they can easily be found by hackers.

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