Don't Pass Up These Office Services for Your SMB

woman calculating budgets

Managed office services are growing in popularity among SMBs, and it's not difficult to pinpoint the benefits. Improved efficiency and a heftier bottom line are two advantages, and the access office services providers give SMBs to professional expertise can help them compete with larger companies.

Here's a look at some office services that have the potential to change everything for your small business.

Document Management

The way your business processes information is critical to your success. Electronic document management streamlines every conceivable touchpoint for information as it flows into and out of your daily business processes. For example:

  • Reduce paperwork by capturing and converting documents to digital formats.
  • Automatically route incoming information to established processes, key players, or storage repositories.
  • Centralize filing systems and make information accessible with a few clicks.
  • Improve collaboration between employees and clients.
  • Streamline document workflows.
  • Use a multifunction system to route documents to the cloud.
  • Control access to confidential information.
  • Provide data backup and recovery solutions should disaster strike.

Managed Print Services

Print environments require careful management to avoid the pitfalls of hidden costs and systemic waste. Managed print gives SMBs direct access to office services professionals who help them get the most from their fleet. The benefits include:

  • Rules-based printing to restrict print jobs, limit usage times, track usage by device, and route print jobs to the best equipment for the task.
  • Print accountability to set quotas, track print jobs, monitor costs, and improve chargeback procedures.
  • Printer management for access to experienced technicians, expert installation and repair, and automatic supply replenishment.

Your small company doesn't have to reinvent the wheel; you can leverage the expertise of professional office services providers to get a head start on growth, reduce costs, and give productivity a much-needed boost. To learn more, get in touch with the team at BASE Technologies today!