Don't Cut Out These Office Printer Essentials


Technology is getting better and better, and new features are making your office printer even more functional and highly operational than ever before.

That's right - don't discount your office printer. It's essential for communication, collaboration, and functionality, and you always need it to work well when you need it. Investing a little in the right printer with the best features will make your job much easier and help your business boom.

The Right Equipment

Getting the right equipment is the first step. You'll want to follow the following guidelines:

  • Talk with employees to know what's on their printer wishlist

  • Engage with other companies to see what works for them

  • Contact a reliable vendor partner and research options

  • Ensure your equipment will meet your needs and decide to buy or lease

  • Build a relationship with your vendor partner

Top Features

The features are key - that's what your employees and your vendor will talk about the most. Here are the essential features to consider:

  • Speed, volume, and quality - this is obvious, but don't forget

  • Network and wi-fi connectivity

  • Finishing features

  • Print security - like password protection, document protection, and encryption - this is key!

  • Clear quality in color or black and white

Tech Updates

Updating your tech is a critical part of keeping up with the competition, streamlining your workflows, updating operations to leverage new tech features and functions, and staying ahead of the pack. You don't want to get behind, and keeping your office equipment and technology ahead of the pack is essential to business. Stay with it - it's easier when you talk to Base Technologies to have a reliable team of professionals on your side.