Does Your Office Equipment Provider Deliver The Big 3?


When your office equipment is out of order, so is your office. With so much depending on smooth workflows, device downtime is no small matter. To keep equipment failures from impacting your productivity, you need an office equipment partner that can deliver in three key areas:

  • Fast response times
  • First call completion
  • Preventative maintenance

A Closer Look at The Big Three

Your office equipment won't keep running as it should without a committed service partner. Here's what commitment looks like, and what you should expect from your provider.

1. Fast response time

An equipment provider with a team that's too lean won't be able to respond to your needs in a reasonable amount of time. When your multifunction copiers are out of commission, or your laser printer flashes an error code, you need the problem fixed, and you need it to happen fast. BASE Technologies understands your commitment to your customers, which is why they're committed to fast response times and work to get your equipment back online as quickly as possible.

2. First call completion

Recurring problems with your office equipment are never okay. BASE Technologies is committed to resolving issues with your equipment on the first call. Our expert technicians take pride in their work, and they perform the necessary tests to make sure your equipment problem is truly resolved.

3. Preventative maintenance

At BASE Technologies, we partner with industry-leading technology providers Xerox and Kyocera. Our technicians are committed to following through with our manufacturers' recommended preventative maintenance protocols to make sure your office equipment is always up to par. Proactive preventative maintenance is just one more way BASE Technologies goes the extra mile to make sure your devices and your workflows keep moving forward.

If you're ready to for a committed office equipment partnership, contact us at BASE Technologies today!