Document Solutions Win Over Employees

The workplace has changed quickly in the last two years, and getting employees on board and keeping them is key. One way to improve retention and ensure that new staff are coming into an office they want to work in is to update features and systems to be easier to manage across the board. Smart outsourcing is a great way to take care of classic tedious tasks so your employees can focus on their true work.

How Managed Print Services Work

Managed print services will significantly reduce print costs and the time your staff put into managing supplies and printers. Essentially, the service involves outsourcing oversight of supply ordering, fleet management, and print data to create a streamlined workflow across your company.

Improving the Office

How does print management make your office a better place to work? Here are the four top improvements you'll see in every department.

  1. Access anywhere Ensure that your teams can access print while they are on the go. This means secure mobile print within your network - an essential solution.
  2. Security and Risk Management Print security is critical, and using encryption and password protection - in addition to print monitoring from your vendor - will help secure your print environment.
  3. Productivity Boost Having fewer employees spend time on print is a win across the office.
  4. Workflow Solutions Fix workflow issues with managed print, so there's no question of who does what or why the printer isn't working. You'll have efficient printers ready to go for any project.

Get Started

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