Document Management is the Secret to Security and Organization for Non Profits

The words 'non profit' written in the sky.

Non profit management is a much bigger job than many people think. You manage fundraising, events, projects, donors, members, and meeting your mission. In addition, you have the same behind the scenes operations as any other business - the office equipment, security requirements, technical issues, IT oversight, collaboration and sharing efforts, and more.

Finding the best way to efficiently oversee your entire office while also staying on task toward your nonprofit mission can be challenging. Let Base Technologies help with the best first solution - digital document management.

Security Through Document Management

Document management supports nonprofits by providing an organized digital storage and access point for all your files. This solution comes with many other benefits, though, mostly security.

You can password-protect files, restrict access, update access and permissions, and limit visibility of files to protect data.

Also, you won't worry about losing files, misplacing them, damaging files, or any other issues that can easily occur when operating with hard copy-sensitive information.

Organization and Tips

Organization is a major benefit to switching to document management, because you'll be able to organize all files right when you scan them into your system. You can create a functional storage system that makes it easy for the user to find and access what you need while still protecting confidential data.

A few tips for organization and storage when you're getting started with document management:

  • Make sure you have your system outlined before you start scanning information
  • Include historical data in your digital storage system so you can access anything you need
  • Identify key organizational methods that are user-friendly and implement those

Getting Started

The team at Base Technologies is here to help you get started with your document management service. Your nonprofit will work efficiently and find great savings in supplies and overall spending when you invest in document management. Reach out to the Base Technologies pros today.