Digital Detox and the Effectiveness of Print Materials

A woman with a puzzled look on her face holding glasses up to her chin.

If you've been waiting a while to see if you will still need your printer and, therefore, need to upgrade your printer, we're here with a clear answer for you: yes, printers are still very essential in the business world.

Hard Copy Still Works Well

From communicating to telling stories to editing to sharing information, most businesses are still using print because it's easier to read something hard copy than continue scrolling on a screen. Print newsletters are 72% more likely to be read by recipients than digital newsletters, meaning that plenty of potential clients and customers are still consuming hard-copy information...and it might be time to upgrade that printer after all!

Office Operations are Across Print and Digital

Your office operations are likely a mix of print and digital, depending on the project. However, you often still need to have people join you in a meeting without laptops and share a print agenda. It's easier to send a client home with a print out of your proposal for them to review than ask them to browse your website. And finally, the newsletters. If people are reading hard-copy newsletters, well, it's working on getting the word out.

However, you do need to make sure that your print output is high quality and engaging. That's where you can work closely with your vendor partner as you upgrade your office equipment to ensure that you are getting a printer that will meet all your needs and exceed expectations with functionality, features, and advanced technology. The time is now to upgrade your office equipment to upgrade your print materials - because people are still reading!

Make Sure You Have the Tools You Need

The office equipment piece of productivity really matters. Having the right tools for the job - with the most advanced technology and features- is critical and will serve you well. Talk to Base Technologies to get what you need today.