Create a Paperless HR with Document Management


The HR department is one of the most document-heavy in any office. There are so many papers and pages and documents that finding storage space is difficult. But, even after the files have been stored somewhere in the office, there is still the problem of not being able to find the right page when it's really needed. Digital document management solutions can help to end both of these HR problems.

Create Digital Goals

As the HR department, there are always piles and piles of documents. It would hurt productivity too much to scan everything into the network all at once and then to file them all and shred the paper copies. Instead, keep a paper-free department in mind as a goal. You can get closer to this document management system every day so that you can still handle other tasks while the department is working toward having all files digitized. A set period of time each day for HR employees to work on scanning and shredding will get you to your digital goal before too much longer.

Talking About Security

In the HR department, there are always discussions about privacy and keeping employee data safe from data thieves or anyone else who might want to use the information. Undoubtedly, this discussion often turns toward data safety compliance laws and guidelines. Staying compliant in the face of so many data theft opportunities means finding more and better ways to keep data safe. Having files available only in digital form will keep them safer from data thieves who might look for any valuable data within paper documents. This makes it harder to get to any papers from HR.

Finding Your Files

A big part of HR is simply keeping documents that have been signed. Whether it's a contract, an NDA, financial paperwork or signing to acknowledge an HR visit, these records have to be kept in order to have proof of employee training and items that each employee has agreed to. When these are all digital, they take only a few seconds to find and access. There will no longer be a paper search that begins with many appointments in HR.

If you want to upgrade your HR department to keep data safer and more accessible, contact us to learn about getting started with this system.